FAQ: Titans on Netflix- What's the Deal?? ;)

Titans is available exclusively on DCU for U.S. subscribers. If you live inside the U.S., you may only get access to the content through DC Universe. DC Universe is not available outside the United States. Titans is made available internationally on Netflix. This deal was struck so that our international fans could also enjoy the show, since they cannot access the platform. Aren’t you happy for them? <3


I would imagine then that if/once DC Universe is available in a country, would it then be taken off of the Netflix of that country…


Is DCU going to get some of the DC shows Netflix has rights to (CW)? Seems like that would have been a solid trade.


“You have to pay, but someone else gets the same thing for free. Why aren’t you happy?” Uh. I dunno. You tell me.


Joel how would someone get it for free? If they are getting it through Netflix they still have to pay a subscription fee.


I think what Joel is saying is that we have to pay 7.99 on top of our Netflix subscriptions to watch it, while they only pay for the Netflix they already had to begin with. That’s what he means by free

@robby - no. If you are in the US, you CANNOT watch Titans on Netflix. Only on DCU


So let me get this straight… as a subscriber I won’t be able to watch on my tv but those overseas who obviously aren’t signed up will be able to watch on their tv on Netflix? hmm something seems off by this…


Maybe in your case. As a subscriber, I have been able to watch lots of things on my TV.

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What’s so difficult about this whole arrangement to understand? DC Universe is NOT available overseas in Europe, Mexico, Canada, South America, Asia and such. But, they do have Netflix. Hence that’s why the rights were sold specifically for the overseas markets. We in the U.S. get DC Universe and that’s why it’s here. Titans and all the rest of the DC Universe originals will never be available on Netflix in the United States. I don’t understand why people here are so confused by this.


@ReelBigCohen Sounds like you just don’t have a device that DC Universe supports yet. DC Universe has already mentioned many times here that they launched with a limited amount of supported devices.


So there isn’t a way for me to watch on my smart TV? I have to watch on my phone or tablet?

I have amazon fire tv and it’s not available. So have to watch on phone. Wish they would at least create a watch on TV button for the app like you tube has until they get fire stick support.

I use Chromecast and it works great