Fantasy Team

I am curious about what people’s fantasy league or team would be. OR what you think the most powerful team/anti-team would be.

  1. Your team must have a name. Can be a rehashing of a team that has no current lineup in contemporary comics.
  2. 8 characters minimum.
  3. Where is their HQ?
  4. What brings them together.
  5. Give them an adversarial team. Aka an anti -________ team. Members.

So here is mine! Pure Fantasy!

  1. Night Watch
  2. Etrigan/Jason Blood, Anarky, Ragman, Creeper, Catman, Black Alice, Manhunter (Spencer), and Amazo (reprogrammed by Anarky).
  3. New York.
  4. Jason Blood encounters a legal issue and needs Kate Spencer’s help. They are attacked in court by an Amazo robot who wants to learn to adapt “magic” into its systems. Ryder is in the courtroom taking notes while Alice and Ragman are already captured. Spencer loses Blood and hires Catman through Anarky to help get her client back. They meet up with Creeper to find that Ivo is trying to use an “Ultra-Amazo” to utilize all powers across the Earth and magic is the last energy source. They free the others and overpower Ivo the defunct “Ultra-Amazo”. They then realize that Ivo was bankrolled by someone and they need to stick together. Anarky reprogrammed the Amazo and Blood uses his fortune from being immortal to bankroll them (with souplike ya funds from Batman who is also interested).
  5. “Day Watch” or Legion of Night:
    Klarion, Zoom, Ivo, Eclipso, Proteus, Calculator, Hellhound, and Firefly.

If I had to pick a hero team (8 max) that would be “most powerful” I’d say:
Superman, Martian Manhunter, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern (Hal), Batman, Flash (West), Etrigan (or Spectre) , and Captain Atom.

A team that would absolutely destroy the world?!
Eclipso, Sinestro, Zoom/Reverse Flash, Amazo, Darkseid, Joker, Trigon, and Anti-Monitor.


Since when is Anarky on the team of good guys?

Anarky is a hero in most circumstances.

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first I heard

The Justice Society is the dream. Spectre is a founding member after all.


Sandman- reconnaissance, money, and emergency power.
Green Lantern- Big gun and inspiration
Stargirl- conscience and heart. Ability to supercharge Green Lantern.
Hawkman- Leader and anti-magic
Flash- Everything needed.
Dr. Mid-Nite- doc. Every team needs one.
Power Girl-computers
Dr Fate- The heavy.

Base is in New York City. Have to stay connected to the people.

Connected by being a surrogate family to each other.




Thanks for posting this thread, this brings back some neat memories for an old guy like me.

First, concerning your first hero team pick:
A) I enjoyed the original Ragman and I was super happy when Ragman appeared in all his glory on Arrow a few years ago (and not so happy when he written out pretty much later). The artwork in the mid-'70s Bronze Age Joe Kubert version was mind-blowing with how complex the outfit was with all the color, and it definitely had that “vengeful street-level Spectre of the early 70s” feel. “The Tatterdemalion of Justice!”

B) Creeper: I spent bucks on the hardcover DC archive of the original Steve Ditko run, again from back in the late 60s, I also have two or so of the original comics. That series got me in just a tad of trouble in high school. I was so inspired by the possibilities of throwing off an opponent with a carefree maniacal laugh and actions, I tried it in senior high gym class for dodgeball. I mixed in with the opposing team at scrimmage (always random teams right?), and when we went to snatch the dodgeballs, I grabbed one at the same time as someone from the opposing team and cackled loudly like the Creeper as I tried to keep the dodgeball. The guy punched me in the face of course, lol.

C) Black Alice. In spite of her unique religious leanings, I found her backstory / origin at the time very compelling, and her chaotic on again / off again powers a fun story element, very reminescent of playing D&D with so much depending on those dice rolls by the DM.

D) I’m not real clear on why Kate “Manhunter” would be offering legal assistance as a cop, but I did gobble up the stories and even later some of the TPB versions of her run, the art was just that good. The story was super realistic in many ways too, and she was flawed in believable ways.

E) Ok, last reflection: your concept here reminds me soooo much of the 1990’s Overpower game. My young daughter at the time and I would purchase the card packs and play the game, and the teams would be randomly chosen.

I’ll think on possible teams now…thanks again for posting this!

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I made one a couple weeks ago I will post it this week ok :grin: :+1:

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