Look, I complain a lot. I’ve been reading DC for about 30 years, and nothing’s as good as it was when I was 13.

So, I skip a bunch of the DC Daily episodes. I’m too cynical to watch the hosts drone on in a fanboy-ish manner about whatever.


I’m up late tonight, for no apparent reason. And I put on the Michael Uslan episodes of DC Daily. I’m blown away. I, seriously, cannot say how utterly excited and flat out jealous I am. I’m jealous I couldn’t grow up in New York and hang out in the DC offices. I’m jealous I couldn’t be at those interviews. I’m jealous I don’t have any of Mr. Uslan’s contact info, so I can badger his brain.

Just. Freaking. Magical.

I like Samm Levine’s roadshows. I like John Barrowman’s collections. But the Uslan-tales. I’m blown away.

Get all those old comics scanned!

There’s no way I’m sleeping tonight… :grinning:


Loving that excitement, @harley.333 - thank you for sharing with us! :slight_smile: Also reaching out to let you know I moved this from the “Watchtower” section to “General” for you. :slight_smile:

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Just bumped up a thread on Uslan, including the book he wrote The Boy who Loved Batman, a great book from a great man.