Fantastic news about Young Justice, Titans & Doom Patrol! I'm still really sad about Swamp Thing not being renewed. if it's a $$$ thing can't we figure out some way to raise the $$$? I'm sure the fans would! this show is absolutely fantastic as w...

Thank you for all the killer content! I just wish Swamp Thing was being renewed! Super stoked on Doom Patrol, Titans, and Young Justice! Please if it’s a $$$ thing for Swamp Thing cant we find a way to get that?

Josh Coutts and Viva Ska Radio

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If you think the fans can generate $60+ million, go for it.


Swamp Thing Season 2 Kickstarter when?

Im glad swamp thing is cancelled. It means all that money can go for other shows and will help improve them swamp Thing cost too much for 1 show.

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