Fans of The Wild Storm: A Question

I’m reading the volume three trade and I’m on page 13. Did anyone else see the TV in Lynch’s home that was airing “Challengers of the Unknown: A Quinn Harleen Production”?

I thought that was a fun easter egg. Who knew Harley would end up working in TV?


I hadn’t even noticed that my volume 3 order hadn’t come until I read this post. Had to go reorder and preorder volume 4. I’ll have to let you know also have 2 michael cray trades to read.

Just read that page, now I’m going to look for other Easter eggs.

It was backlash’s home, Lynch was warning him.

I had read that issue a few months ago and had forgotten about that. Don’t think I even noticed the Quinn Harleen thing at all.

I had the individual issue (digital) so I had to figure out which one it was. For anyone else looking it is issue 13 about halfway through.

Cool catch! Thanks for bringing it to everyone’s attention.

Yeah, I caught my goof on who’s place it was after I posted the thread, of course.

I’m still going through volume 3. I just love this series!