Fan Creation Fridays Winners - Postcards from The Bayou!

We’re beyond excited to announce our favorite submissions from last week’s Fan Creation Fridays!

We had so many entries, and it was incredibly hard to pick our favorites. A few were just too long to fit on a postcard, unfortunately; so be sure to check out all the great submissions in the Fan Creations section of the community. :memo:

You can find the selections in our News section, or by following the link below:

Want to see your creativity highlighted in our News section? Submit your postcards for this week’s prompt, “Postcards from Themyscira”, for a chance to be selected! You can find it in the Fan Creations section of the Community, or by following the link below:

Did you get a chance to check out the Bayou postcards? Which was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!


Boy, that feels swell to be selected. Thanks =)


The postcards are beautifully designed!!! I love how the designs fit so well with the content of the postcard.

Congrats to the winners!

All of the postcards in the postcard thread were fun to read. =)


Thank you for choosing my message! What a great design for the postcards.

The fans are the DCU!
Many thanks and blessings.


Thumbs up on the postcards but if Ambush bug was on them it would be 10 times better


4th wall break!!! Swamp thing is my older cousin cool well. Both green duhhhhh


They look awesome
Congrats to the ones chosen


I guess my favorite by nu52 was too long

Congratulations to the winners.

Nice design of postcards.


@TurokSonofStone1950, I’m sorry to say that the ones that were too long (AKA, couldn’t fit on a postcard) were unfortunately not able to be considered because of the postcard design :sob:
But we’ll be asking for postcards every week of Summer Supercation, so there will be plenty of chances for all our talented community members! <3

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