Fan Creation Friday: Theme Songs for Superman

Happy Friday, DC Family!

:pencil2: This Week’s Exercise :pencil2:
Have you heard the SUPER news? That’s right! Not only have new Superman issues dropped, we’ve also added all four Richard Donner Superman films to DC Universe!

In honor of the unforgettable score by John Williams, and of course the S-man himself, we’re asking you to write lyrics to the iconic Superman score! Tell us in song, what does Superman mean to you, and the world?


:rotating_light: Guidelines:
:heavy_check_mark: Word Count Restriction: 3,000 word maximum.
:heavy_check_mark: Character Restrictions: Superman, only.
:heavy_check_mark: Prompt Restrictions: N/A

:bulb: Note: If you need help developing an idea, have suggestions or just general questions, please see the FCF Introduction thread titled, “DC Universe Presents: Fan Creation Fridays!” in the Watchtower section, here:


To the opening bars of the Superman theme:

No longer am I,
Just a man.
I know that I am…
I swear that I’ll do,
All I can,
For the truth,
And justice,
For this land!


I don’t usually comment with non-fic stuff on these but that’s VERY good, HCQ.

As for the prompt, uh. Wow. Hoo boy. You’ve found my personal writing kryptonite here. I’ll see what I can come up with.


Superman, Superman
If he can’t do it, nobody can.

Never lets Lex Luthor get away
Rarely kissed Lois Lane
(And then she forgets).

Now they have a boy named Jon Kent,
Getting way older as fans fret.

Superman and Batman
Beat Buddies or Foes
Depends on who is writing their woes.

Bullets fly from his chest,
So Supes worries more about civilians hurt by bad guys
Otherwise he is really blessed,
Except for Kryptonite , Magic and Doomsday’s fists.

Bendis wants to write Supes alone
So Cousin Kara sent to space
Lois and Jon leave Clark
Go with crazy Grandpa, in space.

Lois comes back, without Jon
But not to Clark, until he sees her
Then Jon comes back, teen now
Tortured for years
But lets ignore that

Explain Lois gone or Jon old?
Nobody cares, dont be silly
New story with Leviathan
Drop old story.


Well that was terrible.

Listening to the music


He come from the sky.

He never lies.

He will save us
He will save us all


Later on

Who is loved by all
Who comes down from above



This looks like a job…
For Superman…

Once, there was a world…
Called Krypton!

Krypton was doomed.
Jor-El knew.

And so he sent his son to us!

Taken in by kindly farmers…
He grew into a man…
Under the sun’s yellow rays…
He gains tremendous powers…
He can outrun a bullet…
[He’s Supermaaaan!]
Overpower a train…
Leap over a building…

The Man of Steel!

The Man of Tomorrow!

Is it a biiii-ird?
Is it a plaaaa-ane?

It’s the Man of Steel - Superman!

That should cover the first minute or so.


Back to score

There is of course

Can you read my mind?

Then maybe

I will always be on your side.


Save cats from tree while you can
What is a hero without a vill-ain

A su-per-man…they call him Superman
I am Lex Luthor…the man with the plan

So what. Who cares he can fly
Bullets just bounce off this guy
Hero is the word on your lips
I am here to cash in his chips

Fight and stop me, he’ll never quit
They all have missed the juiciest bit
Kryptonite will make him dead
And he cannot see through lead

Use all your brains, still can’t out think me
They think him a god…eh…maybe, a demi
They look to the heavens, up in the sky
But Superman can’t ever, beat this bald guy

Much dessert land is what I buy
None smart enough to know why
People are no damn good, strike up the band
This tis ever true, they will always need land

Truth, Justice, the American way
Such a fool, I’ll have a field day
A nuclear warhead is what will do
Further analysis, 'tis best I use two

He’ll call me a diseased maniac
But even he, can’t stop my attack

A su-per-man…they call him Superman
I am Lex Luthor…the man with the plan

(The music screeches to a stop)



Soup, soup for man, in a caaaan
He’s better than that: SU-PERMAAAN

Spoons are of no use, nor a pan
He, he is not soup, he’s SU-PERMAAAN

the rest is on my Patreon


Look up in the sky,
It’s a bird,
Or is it a plane…