Fan Creation Friday - Hiatus & Community 2.0

Greetings, FCF’ers!

We hope you’ve been enjoying our Year One festivities so far! What an honor it’s been to take part in them with you, and reminisce about the good old days (threads!), while looking forward to the new ones ahead. Knowing this community as well as we do, we know there’s more to come that’ll not only be just as good, but better, and we can’t wait to have you along with us for the ride!

As mentioned last week, in preparation for the oncoming implementation of Community 2.0, Fan Creation Friday will be on hiatus until further notice, but please feel free to continue adding more poetry to last week’s FCF thread, here: - and in the meantime, please keep an eye out on our Watchtower section for updates on what’s going on with the new community!

Thank you, all, again, for making the Community 1.0 as wonderful as it’s been. :heart:


Take care, MissInkBlot! I’ll keep the prompts running.

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The adventure can only continue–