Fan Creation Friday: A Tribute to Batman's 80 Years!

Happy Fan Creation Friday, and a warm welcome to all!

:pencil2: This Week’s Exercise :pencil2:
This week, we invite everyone on the forums to create a love poem to Batman from the perspective of one of his villains, and the rest of us will try to guess which villain it is!

Any type of poetry is acceptable, and there are no restrictions to worry about besides abiding by our usual Forum Guidelines. We look forward not only to reading your work, but also the honor of having you join in on the festivities with us this week, as we celebrate what’s been a truly delightful 80 years worth of Batman!

:bulb: If you need help developing an idea, have suggestions or just general questions, please see the FCF Introduction thread titled, “DC Universe Presents: Fan Creation Fridays!” in the Watchtower section, here:


Oh man, NOW we’re talking! I am VERY excited to read these.


Veins swell with Venom
Fracturing his vertebrae
Heart broken within

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I am your number one fan.
Since issue one, I’ve made dastardly plans.

Doesn’t mean I won’t kill you
If I can,
But life without you, would
Be oh so bland.

My heart would break
If i succeded.
But my heart goes wild
When I see you bleeding.

I do so love all your toys.
And playng hard with all your boys.

A crowbar strategically used
Leaves more than a lovely bruise .

Batsy Boo,

I like you when you are grim
But hope by my actions,
You wil grin.

And if not, I hope to leave
A smile on your face.
By chemical means, at any rate.

Why so serious is an obvious question,
But i leave that to other heroes and villains.

Your other foes make me green with envy .
Please make me your number one
In your belfry.


@Turok: Great work on this one! I can practically hear Joker serenading Batman with this, Arkham Knight style.


Fast and wildly every Gotham midnight,
When the evil spreads across the dark land,
Leather wings of black begin a grim flight,
And you teach them all to fear the Batman.

Late and softly every Gotham midnight,
When the shadows fall across the treasures,
Shining claws of silver flash with moonlight;
I fear nothing while I pursue pleasures.

Suddenly you find me while I’m prowling;
Over darkened rooftops begins our chase,
Always as I’m laughing and you’re scowling,
Until we are finally face-to-face.

So we’re dancing our own strange dance,
But how else could we have such a romance?


Oh Bats,
Your prickly like a rose; how I like my men
You soothe my soul like no one else can
Forever and always you’ll be my love
Until our lips touch, than it’s the end


So long we’ve fought and danced our dance, my friend
I hope you weren’t too cross when we first met.
Though long have I appeared to seek your end,
I only wish continue our duet.

For years we’ve matched our wits, until one fears
Wits’ end, you’ve reached? No, hush! Our deathless game
Endures. We’ll tower for unending years,
Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame

I anguished once, that I myself might fade,
May vanish ‘neath the July stars and moon,
You helped to clear my head (and twice!), and bade
I fast forget, for us, both pain and boon.

Did I? You’ll see. For, though your absence pains,
I shall see you again when the night wanes.


It’s a sonnet! But from who…?


@HubCityQuestuon I never thought that batman was out out longer that that

Seeing you leads me to want to say
On this New Year’s day
I want you to put that scowl away
Dear Mr. Bat come out and play

Around this time I do get lonely
There are other types of love, romantic isn’t the only
This Valentine let us get together
Just don’t bring that bird of yours, I don’t like feathers

Don’t get too carried away this St. Patrick’s Day
I wouldn’t want you to miss out on a mayday
It’s a green day, but I promise not to be green with envy,
as you run around rooftops with a certain villain
Just be sure to bring a healthy dose of penicillin

Poison Ivy has a claim to Earth Day
I’ll leave you a little something as a way to say hey
Won’t take too much of your time
Will just leave you with this rhyme

Mother’s Day, I wonder if you have one
Does she know that when it comes to sons she’s won
She’s probably named Ethel, or Betty, or Martha perhaps
Why’d I say that name, knowing your lineage sure would fill in gaps

Father’s Day is another day of quandary
Does he cook for you, does he do your laundry
Do you love him, do you hate him
Did he teach you to swim, is he missing a limb

Independence Day
Let’s take this moment to sway
From hero to anti-hero
Either way, I know you’re no zero

Sorry I missed August for I got put away
Nothing I could do from Arkham, but miss every holiday
I don’t like any of the August ones anyway
I’m sure you liked what I did this Labor Day

You were out and about this Halloween with your cat queen
You don’t look as mean
You’ll soon have another Robin
Won’t even miss the one I kidnapped that’s sobbin’

Time to give thanks for the pretty Wayne bank
I was able to take a pretty plump sum
For all the guards happened to be pretty dumb
I’m sure you’ll try to have me walk the pretty plank

It’s Christmas Day, you’ve yet to catch me
I thought you cared about me
Could that be why you’re letting me flee
I’ll leave you with a present that is none too pleasant

This loving poem is just for you Mr. Bat
I’m much better than your little Cat
I’ll be back for I have a knack for giving flak
Watch the backs of your Robin and your Cat, Mr. Bat


Love the Calendar Man poem, nu52. It’s the Year of the Bat, indeed.


My poem was from The Riddler.

“I hope you weren’t too cross when we first met” is reference to Tec 140, the first appearance of the Riddler, wherein he took over a giant electric crossword puzzle to change it into a clue for Batman and Robin. This is the first indication as to the identity of the writer.

“Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame” is a direct quote from The New Colossus, by Emma Lazarus. This serves as a reference to his use of the Pits in Hush, which is also referenced with “No, hush!”. This passage further contains themes of mortality vs. immortality, furthering the theme of the Lazarus Pit .

“I anguished once, that I myself might fade,
May vanish ‘neath the July stars and moon” is a reference to Riddler’s brain tumor in Hush, which was cured by the Lazarus Pit exposure referenced above. Cancer is the Zodiac sign dominant throughout most of July.

“You helped to clear my head (and twice!)” First, Riddler found out about the Pits due to his association with Batman, literally clearing his head of cancer. Then second, Riddler had that accident where he (seemingly) forgot Batman’s secret identity, figuratively clearing his head again. (The latter is again referenced via “I fast forget, for us, both pain and boon.”)

“Did I? You’ll see. For, though your absence pains,
I shall see you again when the night wanes.” is Riddler making it quite clear that he remembers who Batman is and is going for Bruce.

Altogether, the poem is a riddle in which Riddler is revealing that he now remembers the events of Hush again and Batman better watch out.



This is some great stuff you brought before us, MS. Truly worthy of The Riddler himself. If only he’d stop by to weigh in…

@mysterious_stranger: That is awesome. Very well-done.

I absolutely LOVE this thread.