Fan Art Highlights: Scarecrow!

Are you ready to face your phobias? Look below for some of the most fear-inducing fanart available which feature Scarecrow, the ex-psychologist terrorizing the streets of Gotham since 1941.

By: Troy (Scarecrow by Troy on Twitter)

By: devilhs (Scarecrow by devilhs on Deviantart)

By: T-RexJones (Dr. Jonathan Crane by T-RexJones on Deviantart)

By: Jaehthebird (Fear is Power… by Jaehthebird on Deviantart)

By: brodiele_e (Scarecrow by brodiele_e on Reddit)

By: Nekr0ns (Scarecrow by Nekr0ns on Deviantart)

By: gonyrueda (Scarecrow (Batman Series) by gonyrueda on Deviantart)

By: Tigerhawk01 (Scarecrow by Tigerhawk01 on Deviantart)

By: EccdentesiArt (Scarecrow by EccdentesiArt on Deviantart)

By: AkubakaArts (The Last Halloween by AkubakaArts on Deviantart)

Have you seen any Scarecrow fanart? Do you have a favorite? Have you MADE any of your own? Let us know in the comments below! :scarecrowlaughhqtas: :syringe: :biohazard: :point_down:


Made this last year out of Minecraft. He’s based on his first appearance in Batman The Animated Series.


Cillian Murphy in Batman Begins was my introduction to Scarecrow. Absolutely perfect casting.

The likeness of this one is unbelievable. They even got the reflection in his glasses!!! By Illiria Shiz on Deviantart

This is just creepy, which is kinda Scarecrow’s thing. By Enigmatic on Tumblr.


I’ll agree with that, I thought he look just like Jonathan Crane from his first appearance in comic, he was definitely perfect for the part.:slightly_smiling_face:


These are awesome™:+1:. So hard to pick a favorite.


Thanks for sharing this Scarecrow piece, @Reaganfan78! Always a fan of your Minecraft work - very nice job. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Agreed, @NinjaSupes - such a great casting! That fanart is absolutely amazing. :heart_eyes: Thank you for sharing!

Thanks for taking a look @NYJt3! I can’t pick a favorite myself. :muscle: