Fan Art Highlights: Ratcatcher II

She’s captivated us all with her debut in The Suicide Squad (2021). Let’s appreciate this gem of a person, Ratcatcher 2. Oh, and her rats too! :rat:

Artist: VitoDLZ - Ratcatcher 2 on DeviantArt

Artist: JeebenArt - Ratcatcher 2 and her sidekick Sebastian on Reddit

Artist: SPVCEJAMES - Ratcatcher 2 Sketches on ArtStation

Artist: fan_1954 - Rat Catcher 2 Fan art on Twitter

Artist: PeppermintIllus - I love her <3 on Twitter

Artist: Glen Canlas - Ratcatcher 2 on Instagram

Artist: Prisonmikeb14 - Ratcatcher 2 on Reddit

Artist: juato.o - Ratcatcher 2 on Instagram

Artist: Elarednax - Ratcatcher II on DeviantArt

Artist: SREnrique22 - Ratcatcher II Fan Art on Reddit

She’s awesome, right? Let us know what you think about her in the comments and be sure to share some of your favorite Ratcatcher 2 art with us!


These are awesome™:+1: I like 8 the best and 6 too but they’re all great. Surprised with such a new character there’s already so much art. It’s awesome™:+1:.


The first and last are really beautiful. And the chibi one is super cute!


All are fabulous, and convey the spirit of the character, though if I had to pick probably between 6 and 8 as well.


Right @NYJt3? It was a treat finding art for our new friend :heart:!

Glad you all are enjoying it :grin: