Fan Art Highlights: Injustice!

Injustice FAH

The story of what happens when you really mess with Superman is a truly popular one, leaving fans gasping, wanting to read more and more! Injustice has been a hit since the release of the fighting game in 2013.

Artist: Xiaochen Li - Injustice Superman on ArtStation

Artist: William Puekker - Injustice 2 Batman on Artstation

Artist: Leo Matos & Gat Melvin - Injustice 2 on Twitter

Artist: Esau Murga - Raiden’s Injustice! on Twitter

Artist: Anmat - Enchantress on DeviantArt

Artist: JefWu - Supergirl Injustice 2 on DevianArt

Artist: Concept Art House - Injustice 2 Wonder Woman on ArtStation

Artist: Milton Henry - Starfire on Instagram

Artist: ZeusIsNotDead - Injustice Fan Art on Reddit

Artist: Xiaochen Li - Injustice Batman on ArtStation

Got any cool Injustice artwork you’d like to share with us? Have you read Injustice yet? Well, what are you waiting for?! :superman_hv_1:


These are awesome™:+1:.
Like the Enchantress Kara and Bottom Bats the most.

Injustice is definitely a great series comics and games. And the Movie was fun too.


i don’t even know what to say!! These are extraordinary!!!


I’m glad you two enjoyed it @NYJt3 @Jurisdiction!

The enchantress one reaaally pops, huh? I think my favorite would be the one with Raiden zapping the crew haha… just looks really epic :sunglasses:.