Fan Art Highlights: DCeased!

DCeased is here once again, so we’re taking the time to truly appreciate all of our beloved zombified characters in this truly gnarly version of fan art highlights!

Artist: rocketraygun - ZombieBats on DeviantArt

Artist: novalearts - Batwoman Fanart (Zombie Version) on DeviantArt

Artist: the_parippu_knight - DCeased FanArt on Reddit

Artist: jason_makes_art - Super Zombie on Twitter

Artist: novalearts - Zombie Catwoman Fanart on DeviantArt

Artist: stirredturd - Some Zombie Batman Fanart on Reddit

Artist: Jason Strutz - Batman - Robin Zombie Fight on Artstation

Artist: artbybmazz - Zombie Joker on Instagram

Artist: Anna Lakisova - Undead Cat on Artstation

Artist: Florencio Duyar III - Batman Who Laughs on Reddit

Ever had the taste for flesh? We mean… drawn characters who have the taste for flesh? :zombie: Share your favorite zombified characters in the comments and let’s all scream and run away from them together! :woman_zombie:


Wow! The third looks like a genuine cover. I’m detecting slight hints of Greg Capullo in there.

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Wait… WHAT!?

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DCeased is one of my all-time favorites, and… Are you just talking about DC vs. Vampires? 'Cause I am looking forward to that, but it’s different.

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These are very awesome™:+1:. I’d say the bottom Catwoman one is favorite.