Fan Art Highlights: Batman!

Have you caught a glimpse of this caped crusader protecting the streets of Gotham? If not, we’re here to provide some of our favorite pieces of fanart of the Dark Knight himself to show our appreciation!

By: sinakasra (Batman by sinakasra on Deviantart)

By: dleoblack (Batman (fanart) by dleoblack on Deviantart)

By: AndyFairhurst (Batman by AndyFairhurst on Deviantart)

By: ardian-syaf (Batman by ardian-syaf on Deviantart)

By: TheCapedCrusader27 (My Batman fanart by TheCapedCrusader27 on Reddit)

By: tonoy12 (Gotham by Gaslight Batman by tonoy12 on Reddit)

By: Nib2T (Batman by Nib2T on Deviantart)

By: dcescott (Batman Fanart - So Challenging by dcescott on Reddit)

By: Vinkca_san24 (Batman who laughs by Vinkca_san24 on Reddit)

By: Memed (Batman by Memed on Deviantart)

Have you managed to spot any Batman fan art swinging into action? Do you have a favorite? Have you MADE any of your own? Let us know in the comments below! :batman: :0_batman: :point_down: