Fake accounts on the flash giveaway

Idk if people are just setting up new accounts for dcui but it kinda feels like maybe some is cheating by making new accounts for themselves and saying different things each time i want everyone to have a equal chance so let me know if you guys notice this to :0_lc_kilowog: sincerely Blue and Red


There’s a Flash giveaway?

I really need to learn to keep up lol


I did notice yesterday, but from what I’m told by the Moderators after mentioning this to them, they reassure me that the give away was mention on all DC platforms like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, that’s why we’re seeing more new members.
So hopefully things are going well and it’s a fair giveaway. :slightly_smiling_face:


yeah GL trying to win anything on the DCUI platform, when DCU first opened, they were doing a points system, save up enough and you can get a free whatever was available, thing was, they never said how many of what item they had to give away, and then some how, instead of starting everyone off on an even slate of points, some people were given more points than others for what ever reason, it was bonkers… then if I did manage to save up points, nothing good was avail, or the next trick was, learning when the system reset on prizes, or when to log in to redeem points.

the other " Fun free Games " that were similar to march madness I felt were just as rigged.

then ya see comments now n then of users just flat out shmoosing moderators left and right to earn brownie points with them to " win " more free stuff.

point is, Fake accounts to win a giveaway is really the last thing to complain about in the world of being fair.

I prefer to spend my time and money on scratch tickets and win the occasional 5-10 dollars. There is literally more fairness with the lottery and scratch tickets than DCUI giveaways and things to do to win a " prize ". Also, everyone throws their hands in the air when people started to complain of prizes not being delivered.

Really WB and DC should be giving away tickets to the Flash.


They’re more likely to ditch their account when the giveaway is over. It’s not necessarily fake, but chances are they aren’t going to keep their account active.


We do our best to ensure people aren’t setting up multiple accounts for these types of events (it’s also against our community guidelines). Not only do we get notified when/if someone makes more than one account, but we do our own investigations and watch carefully to lower the odds of cheating.


There’s sweepstakes again?


Yes, there’s a new one for the Blue Beetle writer, a signed floppy, I believe? I entered more to ask a question, since it’s also another Q&A, I’d rather have a signed copy of his Superman - Man of Tomorrow one shot but I think that only exists as a digital at the moment. As for the “sweepstakes,” not sure if the McFarlane (Flash) toy one is technically still open for entries since the film is now open almost two weeks.

Oh, and welcome back.

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Hey all! Just came across this thread, so I figured I’d make a quick word about some of what’s been said.

Firstly, I can’t speak for the DCU days before I joined DC, but as for all the giveaways we do now–nothing is rigged, full stop. “Schmoosing moderators” quite literally has no impact on how giveaways or sweepstakes are conducted. Particularly for larger giveaways like the McFarlane/Flash giveaway (which to @StrangeVisitor’s point is closed, as it was advertised to close on June 16), there is a lot of work that goes into planning, legal considerations, coordinating with external partners (like McFarlane Toys), making assets, etc…to “rig” a giveaway would be to totally discredit the amount of work that I and a lot of other DC employees out into it. It would make very little sense to put that much work into an activation/giveaway, only to “rig” it. Additionally, the McFarlane giveaway was promoted on DC Social media accounts, but it was exclusive to the DC Community site–the only way to join the giveaway was by participating in the thread. So naturally, when the giveaway was promoted outside of this site, we saw a flood of new members coming in to participate in the thread.

Like @LastSon0fMars mentioned, this site is thoroughly monitored. If we see multiple accounts from the same IP or email address, those issues are addressed and the duplicate accounts are closed. The moderation team is a group of extremely hard-working people, and they do their absolute best to make sure fake accounts aren’t interfering with our content and programming.

In regards to a previous comment about prizes not being delivered–prizes are shipped out of the DC office and do take time. Additionally, the giveaways that are a part of each Q&A take longer because the winning book needs to get shipped to the talent (or talents), signed, then shipped back to DC, then shipped to the winner.


  • No, we do not “rig” giveaways, no matter how much some users make think this is the case.
  • The influx of participants in our giveaways is a result of A) the giveaways being exclusive to this site and B) promoting the giveaways on the DC social channels and in our weekly newsletters.

Hope this clears things up–and thanks for reading! :thumbs_up_batman:


“Full stop”, you in the U.K.?

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I think he means like when President Truman would famously say, ‘The Buck Stops here.’ In @Jitsu’s case ‘The Rig Talk Stop Here.’
So he’s really putting the end to the topic talk at ‘full Stop’ which is understandable.:slightly_smiling_face:

I was just saying that is what people in the U.K. say instead of ‘period’

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