Facts you might not know about Static

I was watching Static a short film by David Kirkman and reading the comments and decided to make this thread about that you may get wrong about Static if you only saw the show or read The New 52 comics.

1.Static was never scared to fight or of Hotstrak. He was actually too weak and unskilled to beat Hotstreak and would fold after a hit but he never stopped running his mouth until he got hit.

2.Sharon is still older than Virgil in the comics she’s in community college while he’s a high school sophomore.

  1. We all know Richie is based off of Rick Stone from the comics, as well as Frieda being his best friend and confidant but what you may not know is Larry Wade is Virgil’s initial best male friend. Virgil even brings his name up when first meeting Frieda.

4.His Mother is still alive and his father is the one who works as a nurse at a hospital.

  1. Virgil is a Nerd but also hip enough to know all the current lingo and use it in it’s proper context even though he’s into Comic Books, Video Games, and Table Top Games he also was a collector of Pokemon cards at a point in time.

6.Virgil is never shy when it comes to wooing the ladies and even though he fails most times they women never fund him unattractive.

7.He’s a straight A student and build his own tech as well as designing his own costume

8.His first crush in the comics is Frieda who encouraged him to go on a date with Daisy who would become his first girlfriend and first kiss. He later dated a girl named Madison whom Frieda was jealous of due to her being actual competition for Virgil’s attention.

  1. In Teen Titans where M’Gann and Virgil play dance dance revolution she’s dressed exactly like Frieda from the first issue of Static.