Fables Discussion Thread

Hey all! I just started the Fables series, and am really enjoying it, so I decided to make a thread dedicated to it! Be careful of spoilers.


Genuine question: What happened between Snow White and the Seven Dwarves?

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The details are revealed in the 1001 Nights of Snowfall one-shot.

I wouldn’t want to spoil it for you.


I think the heart of
Fables is
Bigby and Snow White

That aspect
Gets a lot of coverage
Beginning with issue 14

Followed by the excellent
March of the Wooden Soldiers

The high point to me was issue 50
Where the
Snow and Bigby
Romance gets resolved

After that
To me
It wasn’t as interesting
As these characters
Receded in their importance


I blitzed through this series last year in a week - did not sleep much that week! Have the beautiful new 4 compendiums, plus the volume of Fairest that Willingham wrote. I am extremely excited for Fables #151 to drop today!


And…did we eat a certain snack while we read? Be honest. :slight_smile:

So…is this thread also for discussing The Black Forest, which began in #151 (out today) or…should that have its own thread?

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uhhhh? No snacks. Just reading.

I think we probably should have a new thread for The Black Forest, so people reading the main series for the first time aren’t spoiled!


Likewise. Plus…its a brand-new story, and brand-new schtuff deserves a brand-new thread.

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Fables may be in my top 3 favorite series as of now. I’ll make a final decision when I finish, but I’m really liking it rn

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You mad lad! Not even popcorn?! How could u enjoy a comic in which blood is thrown everywhere and not feel hungry for popcorn!

Am I sane for wanting popcorn when seeing a morbid crime scene in a comic? Two-Face flip the coin!


That is…an odd response :slight_smile:



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ehhh I could also go for popcorn


:rofl: IDK why, but this cracked me up.

ponders if he should make a “No snacks 'til I’m done reading.” t-shirt

…and yes, there is a wee, teeny-tiny, Beastie Boys nod somewhere above.

Whoever gets it gets…

looks around

…the pen I signed my last work-related contract with.

holds up the BIC-branded pen in question in an eye-catching manner

Nothing says “quality” like a BIC.

resumes his re-read of Fables #150


It didn’t displace Sandman as my all time favorite comic series, but it’s in that company. I’d put it as a solid #2.