🤩 EyeCandy: Variant Covers/Artists Collection

The contact info’s appreciated, but I doubt she’d bother with small potatoes me. Thank you, though. :slight_smile:

drools and drools

To mostly quote Henry The Red from Army of Darkness, “Thank you, generous soul!”

tucks nifty variants away for later

For…morning…reading material. Yes. :smirk:

Take that, crossword puzzle!


Not variants, but I have them handy for MTM :inkys_mixtape_mob2: :notes: Plz enjoy!


Some lovely covers by Michael Turner and Talent Caldwell to start the weekend right by:

Michael Turner (everything of his after Superman v2, #202 is a variant edition)

So much purple. :point_up:t2: :heart_eyes: :purple_heart: :purple_heart: :hugs:

Third printing variant (More purple! :hugs:). :point_down:t2:





Talent Caldwell

Fun Fact: This :point_up:t2: was the basis for one of my DCU avatars, circa '19 or so. I :heart: Charis Andrastea (the sword-wielding badass on the cover of each issue of Wildcats: Nemesis seen above).


I REALLY need to get this WW B&G #4 variant. If anyone’s got the connect or solid comics seller’s spots that they know of who are selling it, please tell me.


Just brought a mixed bag today. :purple_heart:Plz enjoy. And, ooh, thank you @Vroom! :star_struck:

(This one just ‘cause I like it$

And this :00_aquaman_rebirth::purple_heart:


@DC89 YES! That whole series has a TON of gorgeous variants—I want them all :joy: great series too. You been reading it at all?


:star_struck: Agreed Queen @Razzzcat . So amazing!

I’m collecting the series and have read issue 1 so far. :+1: :00_wonder_woman_gold:


You’re quite welcome, @Razzzcat. Evidently, I was in the mood for purple, as all of my Superman-related picks featured that lovely color.

Jim Lee Hawkgirl…oh, yeah. :00_hawkman: I’m still bummed we’ll never get Mattel’s Multiverse iteration of this version of her (along with the Rebirth Black Canary and Mammoth and…all of the others in what would have been one hell of an awesome wave of their Multiverse line).

Big Barda! **** yeah, my favorite female Fourth World character after Lashina. :hugs:

SN: Don’t call a Boom Tube a Boob Tube when you’re around Barda. Especially if you’re Flash. :flash_hv_5:


:green_heart: Jo’s been kicking ass in the current volume of Green Lantern. I’m diggin’ her. :00_lc_green_lantern:

I don’t like many of the initial variants for the Rebirth volume of Aquaman, but that one…well, its as Arthur himself said, “I can dig it.”

“Well duh, ya dork. Its Mera.”

Yes, yes it is Mera. :heart_eyes_cat:


That Barda cover is pretty badass. I :purple_heart: it. (Also: MORE BARDA!!)

:memo::face_with_monocle: Very good, sir. I’ll have to check it out. Eventually. My reading list looks kinda like this :grinning:


I…don’t want to think of how large my reading list is.

If I do, I’ll cries. :sob:

I see a book I want on the bottom of one of those piles, @Razzzcat. Do you mind if I…

crouches down and starts to pull on the book his four eyes have marked


Why am I smoochin’ with Barda? Stop, me! Stop!

Speaking of Fourth World badasses…Grail! :purple_heart:

ponders if Grail likes Kryptonians


This is a nice palate cleanser after The Clickbait That Shall Not Be Named.

(I wish I could get it too, @DC89, but I don’t have a good source to do so. I think I’ll just be getting the collected edition whenever it comes out, which will hopefully have all the variants in the back.)




@Angel212 It better be—I have a whole rant for it, if not. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Don’t try to turn it into a big story down the line, DC!


The Justice League Infinity variant? Yeah, I’ve seen that.

Darkseid wanting to be with WW happened at least two or three times in Super Friends, plus that variant is probably a throw-away, shock value variant, as some are.

If we’re talking about something else though, I may be at a loss, ATM.


Same here @Angel212- eBay vendors and my other spots are charging crazy:heavy_dollar_sign: for it. That’s why I don’t like buying variants via the web before they actually get released. So many of the sellers over-inflate pre-release pricing for minimal TD covers. Then the cover winds up either dropping in price/value by at least 50% 'cuz consumers give up trying to find them OR the artificial price boosting raises the value of the comic way past grade value and stays at that lofty price moving forward. So many of the Detective Comics #1000 variants wound up pricing out this way. :flushed:


There’s some clickbait that might amount to nothing, but this.

And yes, I have a LOT to say about it if it should not just be a stupid random thing. :face_with_monocle::purple_heart:

Speaking of things… :bat:


Oh yeah, the JLI variant I mentioned. :slight_smile:

Like I said, it’s probably a shock value thing that won’t mean diddily, in the long run. Some variants are like that.

I’m not saying that overrides strong feelings anyone has about it, certainly. Not by a longshot.

However, I’ve seen enough of those “shocking” variants over the years from every publisher where I just roll my eyes at their attempted “shock value”, enjoy a good laugh to myself and move on to books I do like.

Besides, I highly doubt Diana will end up with Darkseid. She’s absolutely not falling for the gutter trash of the galaxy/Multiverse, as our lady is far, FAR too good for his ass, which deserves to be imprisoned in the Source Wall (again).


Oh absolutely. We never know if that’s what’s going on inside the book. I like when they are just for the sake of art sometimes, but every once in a while there’s one that is just… cheap. And ew.:expressionless: And I hope goes no where. :purple_heart:


Yes, this is what I was referring to.

And yes, I will be joining the tirade with you if that happens, @Razzzcat. :roll_eyes:


Well, one thing’s for sure: The folks in the Marketing Department did their job, as we’re all talking about it, good or bad feelings, which will spur some to buy the issue and see what’s inside.

I haven’t read Justice League Infinity yet, but again, I wouldn’t be surprised if Diana pulls a fast one on Darkseid and ends up giving him a good 'ol kick 'tween his stones (which are probably teeny, and would explain why he’s always such an overbearing @$$hole, 24/7) as he so rightfully deserves.