🤩 EyeCandy: Variant Covers/Artists Collection

Two amazing variants from Nick Derington and Todd Nauck arriving in September!


Alright DC, where’s my Amazonian sports manga?! :volleyball:

(I’m only half-joking about that. It would be a perfect Webtoon. :sweat_smile:)


I’mma co-sign, as I want that too.

Manga fan I am, I’ve never read any sports-related titles, so “Queen of the Amazon Beach” would be a good jumping-on point.

and, it’d give me a perfect excuse to start using Webtoon again. :nerd_face:


Love both, but if I read the September solicits correctly, the Todd Nauck piece is 1:50. :cry:


Regular and variant covers for The New Champion of Shazam #s 1 and 2:


A cover by Evan “Doc” Shaner

B cover by Joshua Middleton

C cover by Gary Frank (1:25)


A cover by Evan “Doc” Shaner

B cover by Dan Hipp

C cover by Marguerite Sauvage (1:25)


Those are so gorgeous! Especially the Shaner and Middleton ones! And I’m very amused by the Hipp one!


Joshua Middleton does incredible work!


This week’s new comic offerings.

World’ Finest #4

Derrick Chew

Dan Mora

Nightwing #93 Serg Acuna 1:25 variant

Catwoman #44 Sozomaika 1:25 variant

Dark Crisis: Young Justice #1 Todd Nauck variant

Black Adam #1 Lucio Parillo variant

Plus, arriving September 13 is the 100-page Harley Quinn 30th Anniversary Special #1, with variant covers from…

Stanley “Artgerm” Lau

J. Scott Campbell

Bruce Timm

Adam Hughes

Amanda Conner does the regular cover and a 1:25 variant cover. A before and after set.


That’s hilarious, I like it.


Jenny Frison’s entire run of variants on Wonder Woman was genuinely great. And Stanley Lau has been wonderful for decades, although it’s funny that people only credit him for drawing sexy females - he did several sexy Kon-El’s over a decade ago, in the pre-Flashpoint days such as this variant from Superman #712:

I am glad Dan Mora is getting to do interior work on Worlds Finest, his variants for Titans during their Rebirth run were great as is his cover work generally but I am really loving his work on Dark Knights of Steel such as this recent variant:

I also love Emanuela Lupacchino generally but she always does excellent work on all her covers and I really want to see her back on interior art; this is from a 2011 Green Lanterns issue:

DC also does really great humor variants, which others have already posted a good selection from here, and their specialty (such as the movie poster, or Scriblenuts, or their tributes - e.g. the Darwyn Cooker run that someone else posted above) are always on point. I think we’re generally lucky with the DC variants for those that collect and purchase those.


Boots (yeah, I know they’re roller skates, but I like boots, so leave me be :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:), fishnets and ponytails, a nice trio. :0_harley_quinn:

Speaking of Campbell, that iteration of Harley would be right at home in the pages of Danger Girl. Mmhmm. :slight_smile:

sits back, fingers interlaced behind his head and dreams of what a Danger Girl/Harley Quinn mini drawn by Campbell would be like

These aren’t variants, but they are spiffy eye candy all the same:

Speaking of spiffy eye candy, this is new to retail for the week of 6/21:

Harley’s calling and reaching out to me (and darn nice of her to call me “kitten”)! :smiley_cat:


After this awesome cover on 9/13, J. Scott Campbell will drop this variant on 9/27 for Batman: Beyond the White Knight #5.


@capo-mage Sorry for the late reply- lots happening. Anyway! You’re right, I’ve had that Sejic Ivy for about 100 years! :laughing:

I’ve been meaning to change it for weeks, because I’m in love w/ that Dan Mora piece, but as soon as I did it, I wondered how many people it would startle. BONUS, tho: she’s still side-eyeing. :full_moon_with_face: :rose: Something I think Ivy does better than pretty much anyone.

Speaking of Ivy :green_heart: Was just looking at these for upcoming issues. (Thank you for that Ivy pic, btw @AK_Bandit! :star_struck: You’re always thoughtful—to everyone, not just me, and I appreciate it.)

:point_up_2:Matias Bergara and :point_down:Seb McKinnon


It’s Dan Mora Day, and this one’s going out to fellow fan @TheRealDetectiveChimp! :purple_heart: Pt1

Also: Thank you for the new additions @Vroom @MANOFSTEEL2PLEASE @SV1 :star_struck: :purple_heart:


Off topic but I just did a weird draft override I’ve never done before :eyes:

Anyway. :purple_heart: Plz enjoy pt2 Dan Mora. (coughs) @TheRealDetectiveChimp


Holy potatoes, its Dan Mora Day? :exploding_head:

Welp, time to re-read everything from his best book, World’s Finest, then. :nerd_face:

goes to grab WF #s 1-4

Like I need an excuse to re-read that series. :smirk:


And last but not least, Swamp Thing and Jurassic League. Anyone reading these or planning to? :eyes: :t_rex::green_heart:


Oh 0 worries. You have my eternal trust & I know you’ll get back to me if/when u can. I’m dealing with stuff as well. But, I’m able to do both lately. I’m gonna check the porch in a bit. I have some Show me your Harley/ Ivy stuff on the way…or possibly here? I didn’t check artist. But, I’m thinking it might be one in the same? That Seb pic looks awfully similar, actually dead on, to a piece of merch arriving today???


That’s so good!!! I need more of these things iml…all of it. But specifically, that Nubia beach volleyball pic!!!


Great picks @Razzzcat! I especially love the “Gotham City Villains Anniversary Giant” variant.

Here are some more Dan Mora covers, since you can never have enough.