Explore the Metalverse

They’ve released a high definition image of the world as it is in Death Metal. Here are the areas most intriguing to me…

What is the Valley of the Rainbow Rings?

A Metropolis under new ownership…?!?

What’s in the Toymasters vault?

What is the Valley of Starro?

Fortress of Sorrow…?

Where is Aquaman?

Any guesses or predictions for what any of this means??

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I read online that Aquaman is commanding something called The Black Fleet


Metropolis aka Megapokolips

I also saw that Solaris, the Tyrant Sun is the villain running Metropolis now.

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@bat.daddy It’s Solaris or sure. Check out the new ornament on top of the Daily Planet :sun_with_face:

And Pirate Aquaman?!? Can’t wait for issue 2!

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