Explain Bane’s Origin

I get that Bane grew up in a men’s prison, but what I don’t get is

  1. If he was in there growing up then it should’ve been bc his father was there too, so he should’ve known him, otherwise how did he get in there?
  2. How did they even let him in there as a child? Didn’t the guards ever notice a baby?
  3. Why would the guards give the toughest prisoner EXPERIMENTAL STEROIDS!? AND EXPECT HIM TO NOT BREAK OUT???

I know quite a bit about Bane so I’ll gladly answer.

1.His father was assumed to be dead/missing which is why he was not present in jail and why little Bane was sentenced for him.

2.They knew his age and because of that when he was young he was put in a secluded area with Osito (His Teddy Bear). When he got older they removed him from there and put him with adult prisoners. He was only a teen though so he was still quite young but they didn’t really care.

3.IKR. They were basically asking for disaster but they were also looking for someone strong enough to survive the venom.

Hope this helps.


I would recommend reading Vengeance of Bane by Chuck Dixon (discussed here).



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