Experation Date

It would be nice if DC would put the expiration date for each issue in the description it would help very much with what I would start next. Also why not a post telling us upcoming maybe even as a news blurb


Or just stop rotating comics out. It really sucks.


Be sure to check out updates on the Watchtower to find out what’s coming and what’s on its way out!

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It’d be nice if their comics had no expiration date at all. I’ve already blown through everything on this network that I had any interest in watching. If this network plans to keep people long term, they can’t rely on their original content alone because there just isn’t enough yet. This network should have been propped up by a robust unlimited library but it’s not and we’re all poorer for it.


Kittykrawler… I’d like to know why the comics are on and then gone . I haven’t been able to read an entire run at all. It’s like it’s only so many issues then it jumps somewhere else… like gaps of issues…


The comics are rotated to get you to buy them. Wonder how many people ended up buying Identity Crisis because it disappeared before they were done reading it. It’s a dirty little sales trick and you’re paying $80 a year for it.