Exiting Stage Right: Alec Holland

Hey everyone!

This may come as a shock to some of you (and there’s never an easy way to say this), but my last day as a member of the DC Community admin team arrives tomorrow, Friday Feb 17th.

As some of you may know, I’m an avid lover of video games and it’s actually where my career started 10 years ago. I’ve been out of the industry for 3 years and was recently given an opportunity to step back into it. Much like in the Godfather, it was an offer I simply could not refuse.

This does not mean that the decision was easy to make, though. DC has been my home since before DCUI was even a thing and it’s been a very sad week for me as I’ve been reminiscing about my time here.

DCUI was announced on the day that I joined the team and since then, I’ve seen an incredible series of events within this community.

  • The launch of DCUI
  • The launch of our 1st major collaboration in the form of Batman x Fortnite: Zero Point.
  • That weird period of time where I was @Jitsu for 4 months between July and November '21.
  • The full-force return of Q&As (soon to be video Q&As!)
  • The launch of some incredible new community features (lookin’ at you, Live Chat!)
  • The launch of DCUI ULTRA.

I will miss the chaos intensely.

Rest assured though that you are still in very good hands with @Jitsu who is, to date, one of the best human beings I’ve encountered in my (almost) 30 years on this planet. I’m also still incredibly proud of my moderation team and the work they do here on a daily basis. Please be nice to them after I’m gone and don’t forget to feed them!

I will be officially leaving 2023-02-17T22:00:00Z, so if you have any last minute GIFs, any last minute request for doggo pics or any last minute “you suck” messages, get 'em in whilst you have the time.

It’s been an incredible 2 and 1/2 years for me here and I’ll remember it fondly.

Take care. Hopefully our paths will cross again some day.

~ Matt


Best of luck in your endeavors @Alec.Holland !


Aw @Alec.Holland, I’m so sorry to see you go, I wish you all the best on your new job. Thankyou so much for everything, you were such a great Moderator to have and I’m thankful I’ve got to know you on here in the last few years. May God bless you on your new job. :slightly_smiling_face:
Your dog look cute.



(Minecraft of Swamp Thing)


Matt/Alec is one of the absolute best people I’ve ever worked with, and his presence will be missed tremendously!

Thanks for being a wonderful colleague and a wonderful friend, Matt! GGWP, thank you for being the best :saluting_face:


Farewell @Alec.Holland! I wish you the best :slight_smile:


Bye @Alec.Holland !! Thank you for making this community what it is! We’re going to miss you!


Best of luck to you @Alec.Holland!


Good luck @Alec.Holland in all your new adventures coming your way. Take care!


Thanks for all the work you’ve done here. Congrats and best of luck on your next adventure. :tada::+1:.


I am so sorry to see you go. Thank you so much for being a great moderator and for always being so helpful. I hope you have good luck in your new job and anything else you do in the future. Also, your doggie is so cute!


Goodbye @Alec.Holland and good luck on your adventures in the gaming industry. :wave:t2:


Goodbye @Alec.Holland, and congratulations and Good luck in your gaming endeavors. Thanks for all the help over the years.


Goodbye @Alec.Holland. You’ll be missed, but good luck at your new job!


I’ll miss you @Alec.Holland ! and best of luck on the awesome new job! :sob: :dp_robotman: :heart:


Sad to hear you are going but happy to hear you are moving into a job you enjoy! You’ve been a great moderator and a great part of the community!

Ah, that way we know who to avoid when you leave, smart.


You will be missed greatly but your contributions will never be forgotten. Thank you for all you did that we noticed and the overwhelming amount of things you did behind the scenes that we never even knew about.

Good luck on the new job and congratulations. Our loss is their gain.


But for real though, I’m happy that you get to go back to something you love, and it goes without saying that if you wanna pop in here every now and then, we’d all be excited to see how you are. It takes a pretty awesome team to manage a pretty awesome community, and we all have been so lucky to have you be a part of this community.

Lots of love and best of luck :green_heart::herb:

P. S. Your dog is super adorable :heart_eyes: :dog:


Aww, sorry that our time here has come to an end. But I’m happy for you, and know you’ll do great out there! Take care! :seedling:


@Alec.Holland The best to you in your endeavors! I guess you will just be a regular community member like the rest of us! Now you can sit back and enjoy the DCUI site! You will be missed! :superhero:


Alec has seriously been one of the BEST people I have ever had the pleasure of working with, y’all. I cannot stress enough the psychic damage I have taken from learning that he’ll be leaving us so soon, but I’m also incredibly happy for him and I’m positive he’ll absolutely flourish in his new role!

That said, the past few years working alongside you have been, indubitably, a good deal.