Existing Hero in New Legion of Super Heroes


One reason why Superboy was aged up to 17 is that he could be the inspiration and member of Rebirth Legion of Super Heroes

CBR reports solicitation for Supermam 15

At last it is the return of the Legion of Super Heroes! The greatest super heroes of the 32nd century have traveled back in time… to make an offer but to which hero? And why will that choice tear Superman’s Life apart.

The new Legion will be written by Bendis.

Bendis has the choice like the original superboy to have Jon Kent in both the present and the future but this gives him the opportunity to write him out even though Jon could go to the future for a year and appear 5 minutes later in the future older.

Supersons could still appear like now with it being history told to future descendants.

Jon still appears to be Jon almost a 10 year old in a 17 yesr old body shades of Shazam.

But the Superman family of Clark Lois and Jon appears doomed.

Your thoughts?


Meant reappear in present five minutes later but a year older.

(Also could make frequent trips back and forth or infrequently if only emergency member.)


In Justice League Unlimited Animation Series that is how Supergirl was written out.

She joined the Legion because of

Brainiac 5
More used to an advanced civilization like Krypton was. Seemed to understand what Brainiac was doing scientifically

Of cource in that series time travel was rare and not reproducible.

Maybe Legion needs Jon and uses prototype time travel


Dont change history
Jon mysteriously disappeared and never came back.

Let Jon go to the legion permanently, the 32nd century needs a Superboy (and eventually Superman). It drives a wedge between Clark and Lois and they end up in a nasty divorce.

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Bendis might want a divorce so he can write Superman his way.

Luckily we will get Rucka to write Lois as she should be.


I’m just tired of L&C being together. Maybe I’m just old but I remember all the stories, early TV and cartoons where she was just so dismissive of Clark. I think it would be great to see Clark leave her because she is ultimately toxic for him. Let Supes deal with his issues without the crutch of Lois, and Clark has plenty of issues.

I don’t think they need to change Lois as a strong female, but, she lacks empathy for Clark, (yet has it for so many others). Always has, always will.


I would love for lois to leave superman and start dating someone else and clark gets super jealous and becomes very very evil superman