Exclusive Sneak Peek! THE NEXT BATMAN: SECOND SON (2021) #1

Cover: Doug Braithwaite

Tim Fox may not be Batman yet, but he’s still fighting for what he believes is right in this first look at The Next Batman: Second Son #1.

If you’re looking for full-body chills, then this week’s #sneak-peek is for you :batman:

To get the full glory of the next generation of Batman as launched by John Ridley (Writer), Tony Akins (Penciller), Ryan Benjamin (Breakdowns), Mark Morales (Inker), Rex Lokus (Colorist), and Deron Bennett (Letterer), then run, don’t walk, to today’s News to check out the full article and sneak peek pages of The Next Batman: Second Son #1 before it hits the Digital stands on Tuesday, February 23rd!

Do you agree John Ridley’s experience as a filmmaker informs the storytelling of Second Son? Are you as ready as we are to learn what’s up with that computer?

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Cool stuff! It’s funny, I recently read all the issues that had Tim Fox in it for our World of Bats reading, and it’s interesting how while the circumstances are different, his motivation of stopping the rich from exploiting those they feel are their “lessers” is something that the two share.

If anyone is curious about the issues he was in before this, here’s a link to that World of Bats reading we did for the club to check out. :slight_smile:



Thnx @Jay_Kay!


This is very interesting…:eyes:


No problem – always happy to share some fun Batman stories and plug the club I help run. :sweat_smile:


Interested to see what John Ridley does with this.


Fan fiction by an Oscar winner? No thanks DC.


Today’s issue continued with the solid exploration of Tim Fox’s backstory. I’m also really interested in Montoya’s hypocrisy, though it’s solidly motivated with Crispus’s death (rip sadness).