Exclusive Sneak Peek! TEEN TITANS ACADEMY (2021) #1 Releasing 3.23.21

Depends. Did you read Death Metal #7?


Not yet, it’s in my pile to read.

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Any recommended pre-requisites to jumping in to Death Metal? I’ve read Metal, No Justice, and Witching Hour… do I need to finish Doomsday Clock?


Oh it’s not the Secret Six we’re talking about with Catman, Ragdoll, Silver Banshee, Scandal Savage, Artemis, Black Alice, Deadshot, plus a ton of rotation in the rosters. I was referring to the Secret Six II b/c Marquez worked on both Batman/Superman & this version of the Secret Six (II). I don’t wanna tell u too much cuz it might be a spoiler. It’s just some heroes who’ve became infected & go by that name.

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Yes they do. Thanks for the addition to my JG thread. I started reading at 5:30am & decided to hold all the pics I was gonna post until I finished SG 2011’. Just the issues that were in-between crossovers. So I was trying to keep all the issues #’s of the pics & where I needed to post them in order with my trusty notebook. I was afraid if I stopped to ty on there b4 I posted mine on there I would lose track. I had a SG like laser focus.

Looking forward to learning more about Gorilla Gregg

Nope, you don’t need to finish Doomsday Clock to get into Death Metal as they’re entirely unrelated.

The only necessary prerequisite for Death Metal is Dark Nights: Metal and you’ve read that, so jump on in to Death Metal! :sunglasses:

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