Exclusive Shazam Screening in Select Areas Monday, 3/18!

Hi everybody!

As a special thank you to our DC Universe community members, we are offering tickets to FREE advanced screenings of Shazam! in the following cities:

Kansas City
Salt Lake City
San Diego
San Jose

These free tickets can only be found here on the DC Universe forums, and tickets are limited! Please do not claim a ticket if you know you will not be able to make it.

Do you live in one of the above cities, and want to see Shazam! for free on Monday night? Then claim your ticket now by following this link!


Look forward to more opportunities like this in a city near you!


I don’t see any tickets available in San Diego, do you know if they’ve all been claimed already?

Kansas City? That’s a surprising inclusion.

Not seeing any Dallas tickets.

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I can’t believe this is real… Lol. I got a pass to see this movie two weeks early. Is this a paid movie ticket or entry to see early screening but I’d still have to pay for actual ticket? Just wanted clarification. Never been to one of these before.


What about okc??

No New York City ?

DC offices are here, the largest population of any city, and its one of the top cities for movie premieres… What’s up with this ??


DC is in LA now and no screenings there, either, nor in SD like it says

prefer to wait for awesome IMAX audio, anyway, thanks, though

I see Dallas on this list but it isn’t showing up on the link

@alan26 Off topic but cool to see someone else here is from Oklahoma City.

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Are you going to add more cities? Or is there going to be a second screening?

I’m genuinely curious: how were these cities selected? Marketing demographics, DCU membership concentration sweet spots and the like?

I’m in Phoenix, the fifth biggest city in the country according to my research (evidently we just passed Philadelphia) and I’m surprised we’re not on the list.

Just curious :slight_smile:


Where is Los Angeles?

Awww sad day no Colorado listings

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Oh, hey, that is my birthday. Oh wait, the closest screening is over 200 miles away. Meh.

I’m available on Monday! Apparently, though, the folks choosing cities are afraid of white walkers or something.


It’s totally genuine. Just got my ticket yesterday for next Saturday.


For those asking about locations listed here they can’t find:
I’ve been told they’re still updating the site, so please continue to check back through Sunday night.

For those asking about locations not on the list: these are select locations, but there will be opportunities for all things DC across the country. Let’s be happy for those who get a cool opportunity in the meantime! Keep an eye out for future communications via these forums, the News section, and our newsletters.


is ginormously excited for fun DC things happening across the country

Ginormously is a good word.


Is is one pass per subscriber or can I get a plus 1?

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