Exclusive Edition of Shazam!: Origins TPB at Walmart.

I haven’t seen this book in person yet, but I was watching YouTube reviews of Shazam toys and someone showed it off in a review so I wanted to give people here a heads up.

The exclusive edition features a different cover from the standard edition and a poster. The exclusive cover is the promotional image of Shazam suckin’ down a Big Gulp-esque drink.

The person in the YT video didn’t say where they found it in their Walmart but I assume it would be in the book department and/or a promotional display of Shazam merch.


I’ll definitely have to keep my eye out for this next time I’m at Walmart, @Vroom! Thanks for letting us all know about it! :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome PPB.

For anyone unaware, this trade reprints the Geoff Johns penned and Gary Frank illustrated Shazam backups from New 52 Justice League #'s7-11, 14-16, 18-20 and issues 0 and 21.

The poster looks like comic artwork of some kind but it wasn’t given a clear close-up on the video I saw. Looks sparkly though.

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Picked up this trade and the young adult novelization earlier tonight. They were next to each other in the book aisle.

Anyone else finding the exclusive edition of Shazam: Origins at their Wacky World?

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I’ve seen it at all three of the Wal Mart I regularly shop at. As a collector I’m not gonna take the poster out so I would rather they add the characters first appearance/comic or something.

I’m not going to take the poster out either, but it looks neat.

As I recall the Walmart edition of Wonder Woman: Her Greatest Battles had a poster too.

They’re nice pack-ins.

Looked for it at my Walmart this morning. No luck, but that isn’t surprising. They don’ carry many books or mags and never carry the DC Walmart specials. Those I have came from a Walmart about 60 miles away.

So, disappointed but not surprised.

I’ll be keeping my open for it for sure

@LL 60 miles away? Wow, isn’t that something. You’re a real trooper.

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I wasn’t complaining about the poster but rather saying how about include this other thing instead. I actually bought a copy last Saturday or Sunday. I’m glad these movie for in trades are a actual complete story instead of a compilation of stories.

My local Walmart’s comic section is absolutely ransacked with no Shazam Exclusive in sight lol

AstrOcYtes in case you don’t know the Shazam trade is in the book section.

I’m sorry that was supposed to be StarOfLyra not AstrOcYtes. Man I hate auto correct at times.