Ewan McGregor Cast as This Character in Birds of Prey

Ewan McGregor was cast as Black Mask. Ewan is a great actor and I’m glad he’ll be in the movie. I’m just not too sure if he would fit the role. I’ll take it though.


Bas ass,!!

What the heck🤨 This is making me sad. You can’t even understand the guy when he talks. Bet this is going yet another lame film from DC. Zack Snyder or not

Yea I agree @LogicalStance1999. Way more greater actors to take on the role

I can’t really picture him in the role. I will have to see footage of him and hear how he sounds. I wonder if he’ll keep his regular accent. Knowing Black Mask will be the villain makes me think even more that they should have just made this Gotham City Sirens.


They should have just cast Brian Keith Bloom. He voice the character in Arkham Origins, acts in TV and film, and looks much better for the part all around.



Oh, that would have been good casting Truth of Pisces. Unfortunately, he is just not a big enough name. The cast really needs someone besides Margot Robbie to carry the movie. I mean, I like MEW and Jurnee, but not many people know them.


McGregor is a great “get”. Lol at not being able to understand anything he says, I’ve never had an issue. Great actor, but kind of wasted on Black Mask, hes pretty one dimensional as a character and being unable to remove his mask is part of the character.

@LogicalStance1999, with the proper application of logic, it should be clear now that Zach was never the problem. He had nothing to do with SS and much to do with WW.

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@zombedy Yeah, I’ve never had trouble understanding what he says either. It is strange they’d get a recognizable actor to play a role where he doesn’t show his face. Who knows if they’ll stick to that though…

Funny how everyone thinks he isn’t the prob but the films he created & directed failed so therefore it’s truly a oxymoron to say not so even if he got a Marvel guy to take over. I believe Marvel sabotaged DC if that’s truly the case & I’m so down to blame both


I agree with u @LogicalStance1999

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I’m with LogicalStance1999

Ewan McGregor :sweat_smile::rofl::joy:

You know Ewan was not my first but I’m so happy this movie is getting made. I love the female-centric aspect and the characters. I think we can all agree that we need to give the actors a genuine shot. Gal, Ben, Anna, and so many more actors proved to be great interpreters of comic book roles. I’m pumped to see what he does.

I like the characters too. I’m glad we’ll get to see the Birds of Prey. It just doesn’t feel like the Birds of Prey without Barbara.

I am still interested in seeing Black Mask in live action for the first time