Everyone should read DC Comics Presents

With so many great comics just added, and a LOT more to come. I want to take a moment to highly recommend everyone consider giving DC Comics Presents a try as most of the series is now on DCU and the rest will be added by the end of the month.

No comic showcases the Bronze Age of DC more then DC Comics Presents. For anyone who didn’t know, DC Comics presents was a title that ran from 1978-1986 coming to (including the 4 annuals) just over 100 issues.

The series featured Superman teaming up with a different DC hero in each issue, and unlike most other books it had no regular writer and artist team. Each issue was written and drawn by a different writer/artist team usually one heavily associated with whoever Superman was teaming up with that issue.

Because of this concept the series features nearly the entire lineup of Superheroes at the time. We see Superman team up with fellow upper tier heroes like Green Lantern, The Flash, Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Green Aarrow… Mid level heroes like Captain Marvel, Metamorpho, Zatanna and Firestorm… Lower tier heroes like Ambush Bug, Power Girl, and The Creeper… and some heroes most have forgotten ever existed like The Atomic knights, Airwave II, The Starman of the 80’s, Global Guardians and The Dial H For Hero team of Chris King and Vicky Grant… Heck he even teamed up with He-Man (yes THAT He-Man) and Santa Clause. And despite Batman and Superman teaming up every month in Worlds Finest Comics at the time making Batman team-ups off limits, they managed to do an issue with Batman and the Outsiders so even the caped crusader managed to find his way into this series.

And because of the changing artist and writers nearly everyone employed by DC Comics at the time wrote at least one issue sometime during it’s run.

José Luis García López, Keith Giffen, Denny O’Neil, Alan Moore, Curt Swan, Steve Englehart, Roy Thomas and so many more all wrote or did the art for at least one issue in the series run.

And as if that wasn’t enough to make this series great, via a backup story in issue 26.

Now the series was not perfect, due to the changing writers and artist there is no real consistent tone. Sometimes it’s a character piece, sometimes it’s a horror comic, sometimes it’s a comedy (the Ambush bug team-up is to this day the most hilarious comic I have ever read), and sometimes it’s a supernatural or space epic all depending on who is teaming up with Superman each issue. there are no ongoing subplots or story arcs all a bi-product of them not having a regular creative team, and with the exception of issue 1 and 2 with The Flash, and a two part Shazam team-up every issue is self contained.

And as with most bronze age comics the writing is a product of it’s time so it is not as well written as most would consider modern comics and like anything that old sometimes characters say and do things that hasn’t always aged well.

But because of it’ self contained nature you can literally jump in anywhere and for the most part read them in any order. So if you want a taste of the good and the bad that the Bronze Age of DC Comics offered, find an issue that appeals to you and give DC Comics Presents a chance. I can guarantee there is something for literally anyone among the many adventures Superman and his fellow heroes go on.


Thank you for writing this!! I love when people write longer post about what they love. I will have to read that ambush bug one. Do you know what issue?


I second this emotion.

Just go to the DC Comics Presents page and look at all of those awesome covers. How’d you like to see Mongul’s first appearance alongside WarWorld, written by Jim Starlin? Or the Kristin Wells version of Superwoman, penned by Elliot S. Maggin, the man who created her in his magnificent Superman novel, Miracle Monday?

This is a book I never missed as a kid, because you never knew who was going to show up in the next issue. So good.

@Nathan - DCCP #59 is the Ambush Bug story that Dan mentioned. Superman with the Legion of Substitute Heroes. Hilarious to this day.


I LOVE this series! When I was little my aunt handed me down her collection of DC Comics. Some of them had ads for DC Comics Presents in them. One of the cooler things about getting a collection of bronze age comics was seeing the house ads, then looking in the box to see if that issue was in there. I was lucky enough that yes, DC Comics Presents # 1 WAS in the box. I devoured it. I think that might’ve been the first time I ever saw the Reverse-Flash, too. While I didn’t have the second issue, this made me want to find any and all issues I could get my little hands on.

It should come as no surprise that the toughest issue to find was the Masters of the Universe issue. I spent years looking for it. Sure enough, one day at a convention I was going through a fifty cent bin and there it was! It wasn’t an organized bin so I’m assuming the seller either didn’t know what he had or it just didn’t matter but I made sure to buy that comic!

Seeing them here digitally is great. I’ll be able to go through the run and see all these amazing stories.

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This and Brave & the Bold were first on my list to read (out of the new additions this week). The Ambush Bug stories are pure gold! I remember rooting for those issues in the back issue bins, after becoming a fan of the character because of reading his Christmas special.

And Captain Marvel is NOT a mid tier character :slight_smile:

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I had thought the Silver Age went up to about 1980 or so, but I see the definition on Wikipedia is from 1956 to 1970. Thus DC Comics Presents is indeed in the Bronze Age, by this definition.

I too used to love finding a copy of DC Comics Presents on the rack, and snapped them up at every opportunity. I have 87 of the issues, and three of the annuals, in my collection. Just missing 10 regular issues, and 1 annual from a complete run.

Looking through the titles that I am missing, I see one issue that I think I used to have in my collection too. I wonder what happened to that issue? Or did I just miss adding that one to my digital inventory? I will have to check this out at some point.

I did have a comic disaster event once, but that was back in 1977, a few years before the missing issue was printed. The disaster was when our dog, Bingo, who looked like Benji, made a nest of my comic collection that I had stacked under my bed. She shredded several comics in the process. At least two of the issues that had been destroyed hit especially hard, but I did eventually buy replacement issues for my collection. And eventually, I did start buying long and short boxes, comic covers and backing boards.

I see that I wondered off topic again though.

And I agree that Captain Marvel is not a mid tier character, and also disagree that Power Girl is a lower tier superhero. She is one of my favorites. With the powers of Supergirl, or it seems she is now about as powerful as Supergirl anyway, she is no third tier character.



@macjr.1962.50796 My dream Justice League team has the trinity of Shazam/Captain Marvel (I still can’t bring myself to JUST call him Shazam), Power Girl, and Blue Beetle.


Thank you for this recommendation! I’m a fan of the Bronze age; it’s my favorite comics era in fact. But I’m far more familiar with Marvel in the Bronze age than I am DC. So this will give me a great introduction.

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@superby1 I got my original copy of the He-Man issue before it became a sought after back issue.

But around 2005 one day I was in a used book store, and they had a shelf of comics in the corner for 35 cents each. And I kid you not it must have been from a warehouse or something. Because among them was around 20 copies of that specific issue of DC Comics presents. Needless to say I bought almost all of them. Felt I should leave a few for someone else to find.


DC Comics Presents is a very fun and entertaining series. #85 with Superman and Swamp Thing is a childhood favorite of mine and was not only my very first Swamp Thing oriented comic but my first Alan Moore comic too.

Given that Batman has a show based on his adventures in The Brave and The Bold, I say its high time we get a Superman team-up show based on his adventures in DC Comics Presents.


@DanTheManOne1 Funny you bring this up I’ve been on a mission to collect a complete set and I have a long way to go. Right now I’ve acquired #2, #23, #27 (1st Mongul), #34-#36, #38, & #41. It’ll take some time but I’ll get there. Can’t wait to get the two grails in the series, 1st Teen Titans appearance and Superman-He-Man crossover.

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I am surprised so many people are saying the He-Man crossover was so hard to find. Granted, when I bought it it was not the same level of collectable it is now. But that book seems to be everywhere out here. Maybe wherever that bookstore got his stack of issues made the rounds all over but that one while one of the more expensive issues was never too hard to come by for anyone I knew who wanted it.

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I think once it was reprinted, it became easier to find, but back in 2002-2003, you could expect to pay at least eighty dollars for it online.

I really didnt mean it was hard to come by. I meant its value not its rarity.

Eighty Dollars? EIGHTY DOLLARS? Damn maybe I should have added a nanny nanny boo boo when I told people about walking out with 14 of them for 35 cents each, which was after 2003. I am pretty sure the comic stores in my area never charged more then around 25, although most I saw were VF or better not Near Mint. Feel bad for anyone who paid that much for it, it was a unique piece and an good Bronze Age Superman story, but not worth 80 dollars IMHO.

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If memory serves me right, this was the period where we were not only seeing a surge in 80’s nostalgia but the 200X Masters of the Universe toys and cartoon where debuting, so the demand for anything He-Man and the Masters of the Universe was high.

You can see why I was excited to pay fifty cents for it.

I think I am going to stop saying what I have. If some of those issues, that I did not think were worth all that much, are indeed worth much more than I thought, maybe I should keep this info to myself. :wink:


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By the way @Nathan.Payson and @Super-Squirrel for some reason I missed your comments before, but while #59 was hilarious also, the issue I was actually talking about was #86 which was Superman and Ambush Bug. it isn’t on here yet as it was technically the modern age, but I looked and Comixology has the entire series meaning it is on the digital library so assume that one is coming soon.

Superman and Ambush Bug team up? I can’t wait to read that issue!

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…i have read them…