Every New Post 3/26

Batman #404-407 (Batman: Year One)
Batman: Arkham Knight #1-12
DC: The New Frontier #1-4
Detective Comics #575-578 (Batman: Year Two)
Legion of Superheroes Special #1
Zatanna (2010) #1-16

The revolutionary Batman: - Year One is here just before Batman’s 80th anniversary
Batman Arkaham Knight - is the perfect read ahead of his in canon debut with Detective Comics 1000
DC: The New Frontier - An eisner award winning story about the shift from the golden age to the silver age
Batman Year Two: A fantastic follow up to Batman Year One.

What are you excited about? What do you like about the above books? Also because of Batman’s Anniversary What is your all time favorite Batman Story?


Can’t wait to read Zatanna but have to confess that I find New Frontier grossly overrated. I could write an entire post I why but will save that for another time. Love Tuesdays now.

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Thanks Nathan, greatly appreciate this!

I thought I saw one Legion of Superheroes with the Legion of substitute superheroes that was new, and I saw the Zatanna at the very end, but appreciate your attention to detail!

It’s a gift , make some money with it buddy!!!

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(it’s easier than you think)

No I’m thinking you are either metahuman or a mutant… or AI

I vote mutant AI

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Does not compute.


I can understand misgivings with New Frontier, but purely from an art perspective I think it’s the most gorgeous book DC has ever put out. We lost an all time great in Darwyn Cooke. I’m really grateful to have it on the service.

My all-time favorite Batman story…? Well, not many Batman stories are ABOUT Batman. They’re about some colorful villain, or heir to his legacy. But when it comes to stories about the Dark Knight himself… for me, nothing beats Mask of the Phantasm.

Just re-read the Legion special and it is exactly as funny as I remember it.
Favorite Batman stories…it’s tough to beat the O’Neil Adams run.

Just read through Zatanna. It’s fun, though a little frustrating that the writers seemed to just make up rules for how magic works as they went along (including rules that blatantly changed from one issue to the next). A shame it got axed by Flashpoint, regardless. I was curious where the Brother Night plot thread was going.

Favorite Batman story: Definitely Almost Got 'Im from the animated series. For comics, though, I have a soft spot for Knightfall/Knightquest/Knightsend despite its flaws, so I’d say either that or Detective Comics #826.