Every New DCU Comic 3/5/19

Hey everyone, this is a big week for DCU with 2 rebirth series included the highly requested Rebirth run which includes A Lonely Place of Living and other phenomenal stories and Constantine in Hellblazer which has all the fun Constantine swagger you know and love. Also we got the Knightfall trilogy!!!

I likely made a couple mistakes, but I think I got all the series with editions.

Azrael: Agent of the Bat (1994)#1-7
Batman: #491 - 510
Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #59-66 (Knightfall Trilogy)
Batman: Sword of Azrael #1-4
Batman: Shadow of the Bat #16-30 (Knightfall trilogy)
Catwoman #6-13 (Knightfall trilogy)
Detective Comics #659 - 677 (Knightfall Trilogy)
Detective Comics #934-940, 950-974 (Vol. 1, 3-6) Please not the missing 10 issues are The Night of the monster men event and its fallout both canonically and phycologically. I would assume Monster Men will come eventually
Hellblazer: Rebirth #1
Hellblazer: #1-6 (Rebirth Vol. 1)
Robin (1993-2006) #1-13
Showcase '93 #7-8 (Knightfall Trilogy)
Superman #233 - 238, 240-242, 248, 257 (Don’t quote me)

Also some of the knightfall tie-ins haven’t been expressly announced by DC so it’s possible some other issues in the above series were added. Also I’m pretty sure that Rebirth Batman Beyond has an extra volume (Don’t quote me)

Rebirth Rapid!! It’s been a while since I’ve had more than one series to do this with!!

Detective Comics - Is Clay Face redeemable? Can Tim Drake truly leave superheroing? What happens when Kate Kanes father unveils a secret government project? This is a team series about unlikely and likely heroes rising to the occasion to defend gotham. By far the most connected title to the Batman Family.

Hellblazer - Constantine! Enough said!

I’m also excited to announce that I’ve made a decision on how to move forward with Connected Content which is a reading series I tried a while ago which connected the source material and the movies together! We tried to do it with TNTT but DCU was having some issues with formatting at the time. We will try again starting with source material for Shazam! We will then look at Swamp Thing, Stargirl, The Joker, and Harley Quinn. Expect more on this soon!!! (As in tommorrow)

My post schedule is

Tuesday: Every New Comic
Wednesday: Rebirth Reading Order Updates and Recommended Reading List
Thursday: Nominations for Post of the Week
Friday: Connected Content Week 0, DCU BC Post-show
Saturday: Events of the Week
Sunday: Winners for Post of the Week!


i was literally waiting on this thanks for posting these every week


Your Welcome!!!

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Were the Robin issues from No Man’s Land previously available? I don’t think they were when the rest of No Man’s Land was added, but they’re there now.

Mmm, Bronze Age Superman. Tasty.


Yes your right @wood

Did they add any more of Knightquest: the Search beyond the issues of JL Taskforce and Catwoman that were already up?

So many comics to read! Not sure what to read next! I think DC is trying to make us a reader, which is very good! :slightly_smiling_face::books:


@demon we got Robin


You tha bomb

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Matt You’re the Nuke!

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Not the most exciting update, but a welcome one. :blush:

They added the classic Superman “sand-thing” storyline from the Bronze Age. Clark Kent goes to work for GBS as a tv reporter, kryptonite gets naturalized, Denny O’Neill scripts and the greatest Superman art team of Swan and Anderson begins a magical run on the Man of Steel. Good stuff!

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@jay Kay One of my most desired titles of here. So I’m not complaining!

Looking forward to all of this! Thanks for your time putting in the work Nathan!