Every New Comic Added 1/29/19 (750+)

Good Lord, I’m at a loss for words. As far as I’m concerned DCU has surpassed what I wanted for launch by a lot. Over 750 editions with my missing a couple of small things

The following additions have been made
Action Comics #957-972, 987-992 Vol. 1-3 and Oz Effect
Arrow: The Dark Archer #1-12
Batgirl: #1-17 Batgirl Annual #1 (Rebirth vol 1-3)
Batman and Dracula: Red Rain #1
Batman (2011) #1-33, #38-39 (vol. 1-5)(7)
Batman (2016) #24-37 (Vol. 4, First issue of vol. 5)
Batman Incorporated(2010) #1-8
Batman Incorporated(2012) #1-13
Batman Europa #1-4
Batman: Gates of Gotham #1-5
Batman: Dark Days (Dark Nights Metal)
Black Lightning (1997) #1-11
Day of Vengeance #1-6
Deathstroke #1-6 (Rebirth Vol. 1)
More Detective Comics stuff
Flash (2010) #1-5
Doomsday Clock #1
Flashpoint #1-5
Gotham Central #1-40
Green Arrow #1-6 (Rebirth Vol. 1)
Completed Green Lantern Corps (2006) up to #60
Green Lantern (2011) #7-21
Green Lantern Corps (2011) #1-15
Green Lantern: rebirth (2010) #1-10
Green Lanterns #1-32 Rebirth (vol 1-5)
Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #1-36 (vol 1-5)
Harley Quinn (2010) #1-38
Huntress (2011) #1-6
Identity Crisis #1-7 IT’S BACK!!!
Infinite Crisis #1-7
Injustice 2 #1-16
Invasion #1-3
Justice League (2011) #1-25 Completed
Justice League #1-24 (Rebirth Vol 1-4)
Justice League of America #1-6 (Rebirth Vol. 1)
More fun Comics #1-5
My Greatest Adventure #1-6
Nightwing (2011) #8-16
Nightwing #1-6 (Rebirth Vol. 1)
Red Hood: outlaw #1-18 (Rebirth Vol. 1-3)
Red Hood the Lost Days #1-6
Robin Mini-Series #1-5
Secret origins (1986) #1-50
Secret origins (2014) #1-11 Maybe?
Static Shock (2011) #1-8
Superboy (2010) #1-10
Supergirl (2005) #1-12
Supergirl (2011) #1-7
Supergirl #1-12 (rebirth vol 1-2)
Superman #1-13, 20-41 (Rebirth Vol 1,2, 4-7) Full Run minus Vol. 3+Reborn
Superman Secret Identity #2-4
Swamp Thing (1985-1996) #36-63
Teen Titans #1-15 (Rebirth Vol. 1-2)
New Gods #6-19 (I think used to be there than left)
Omega Men (2015) #1-12
Spectre (1992) #1-22
Titans #1-12 (Rebirth vol. 1-2)
Wonder Woman (2006) #1-13
Wonder Woman (2016) #1-14 (Rebirth vol. 1-2)


Tomasi’s Run of Superman: Literally, that should be first. I consider it to best ongoing superman comic ever! All-star not counting if you want to understand why superman can be a great story and doesn’t have a “superman complex” look here for heart warming stories between Jonathan Kent, Clark Kent, Lois Lane, Robin (yep the origins of supersons) and all sorts of wild adventures. From the disheartening Action Comics Vol. 1 with superman near death with Jonathan watching. To lovely movements in Hamiliton County (Which is more than it appears) and Imperius Rex?!?!?!?!?!? Also Oz Effect which drastically changed Superman and still has effects in Bendis’s run. It features the return of (SPOILER)

Batman by Snyder opened with a bang featuring the Court of Owls. It conitnued with stories like zero year and Death in the Family and More!!! Fantastic Run! What are you doing go read it.

Geoff Johns Green Lantern continued
Green Lantern Corps is filled in more to include Brightest Day, Blackest Night, and more big stories. Then head over to New 52 Green Lantern where the run continues alongside The green lantern corps. though neither story is all the way there yet. You can also read REBIRTH Green lantern including the fantastic story of Jessica Cruz’s self doubt and Simon Baz’s wonderful relationship

The justice league also got a great showing with editions from New 52 and Rebirth. These series aren’t fantastic but have a massive scale worth checking out. Some great moments include flash going on a date with Jessica, groundhog day, and a chat in a cave

Batman also got Vol 4 of Kings run. The War of Jokes and Riddles is a near perfect run of Gotham at its worse. Every page has a new suprise from Deadshot and Deathstroke in an ultimate 1v1 to a dinner with Bruce Wayne. Vol 5 also gets some presence in the form of Lois and Selina meeting for the first time

Flashpoint is a phenomenal story which is getting adapted into a live action movie with Ezra Miller one day? They can only get starting over but so many times

Identity Crisis is back !!! A heartbreaking story which likely inspires Heroes in Crisis Massivly

Rebirth 101
The following Rebirth Series were added

Batgirl: Starts with a globe trotting adventure in Beyond Burnside + a return to oracle!
Green Arrow: Battles the Ninth Circle
Hal Jordan and The Green Lantern Corps: The Yellow Lanterns win can one still have will power?
Green Lanterns: Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz must SHARE A LANTERN?
Justice League of America: A new Team of Villains and Heroes is lead by Batman. Uh Oh…
Justice League: Celestial Beings have come to destory the world… (Why does this always happen?)
Nightwing: The teasers from grayson swing on over as Grayson serves/ not serves the Parliament of Owls
Red Hood and The Outlaws: Red Hood assembles a team of Antiheroes, Artemis(evilish), and Bizarro?!?!?
Supergirl: Hank Henshaw is BACK!!!
Teen titans: Damian is a socially awkward assassin so he kidnaps a bunch of teenage heroes…
Titans: Wally West is back, so is the man who made him disappear! closest series to doomsday clock
Wonder Woman: Odd and Even are different stories carfull. But they are both about cheetah!

Honorary Rebirth
Batman: Dark Days: The origin stories of the evil batmen of Dark Knights

Honestly guys theres a lot to read, so take your time. Read what interests you and enjoy reading comics. No one has time to read everything! So Don’t!!!

Also big shout out to everyone at DC for adding so much. We appreciate all the changes so much!


I second Rebirth Superman as a phenomenal series. The best ongoing series of Rebirth.

sees more of Superman/Batman, emits a tiny squeal


gives a hearty round of applause to TPTB that make these additions possible

As Jim Carrey’s Edward Nygma said: “Thank you, thank you so much!”



I can’t catch everything. I try but I don’t have an active list of everything. I have to go off of memory and looking through the list so many times. stuff falls under the crack all the time…

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In my rebirth section I forgot to include deathstroke. Widely considered to best Slade Wilson Story of ALL TIME

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It really is too much! I’m Soo overwhelmed! Where are all the people complaining about the amount of content now? Lol

The Darkseid War from New 52 Justice League is up too!


Gotham Central! What a get! Renee Montoya forever!

Gotham Central! What a get! Renee Montoya forever!

Classic Black Lightning, DC You Omega Men, and Rebirth Batgirl, whoopy!

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Some others from Superman:

Superman For All Seasons, a great retelling of Clark Kent growing up and becoming Superman by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale.

Superman: Secret Identity, an Elseworlds tale my Judd Winnick and Stewart Immonen about what would happen if a kid in our world named Clark Kent suddenly gained the powers of Superman.

And finally, in the Superman (1986-2010) section is #204-215, which covers the “For Tomorrow” by Brian Azzarello and Jim Lee about what happens to Superman physically and mentally when millions of people – including his wife Lois Lane – suddenly vanishes from the face of the Earth.

Also, to be clear on the Harley stuff, her first series from 2000 by Karl Kesel and Terry and Rachel Dodson (their first big work in comics) up to issue 38 is on. AND the New 52 series was added from 1-4 up to 5-25, as well as #0, the jam issue about Harley deciding what her new book should be about.

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Thanks Jay. I can’t catch everything so I’m glad to find more small things. Normally I’m good at finding the new series. It’s the additions that I can’t figure out. Also, I just Read OZ Effect. WOWOWOWOWOWOW!

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I saw For Tomorrow too! Can’t wait to read that on the telly.

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More Wally West Flash comics from Waid and Johns’ runs were added as well. Before there was only around 20 comics overall but now there is 86.


I just started the comic section of this app (Holiday) and testing some other streaming services. Heard some rumbling that comics were here for weeks at a time? Oof, but the recent additions and news that they will be here to stay for a while and have notice if they ever do leave, had me being happy and trying my first book! Doom Patrol :raised_hands:

@cruzxdavid.87477 For more recommendations, just jump right in to Batman from Kings run. and we will from now on have a two week notice before comic removals. It was bad for a while but it’s definitely fixed. I just read Doomsday Clock #1 and if you’ve read Watchmen DAMN it’s good. Doom Patrol is a good series but might be too convoluted if you’re just starting. I would recommend starting with Superman (2016) Rebirth #1 followed by Superman (2016) #1 and just keep going for a more positive comic.

@fierceCrimsonSpeeder That’s fantastic!

@vroom What’s for tomorrow about?

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Metal stuff got added too