every new comic 3/19

Every new comic this week

Golden Age #1-4 The story of the end of the golden age heroes. Now replaced, they find themselves obsolete in the world of Superman. This is a great tale for anyone looking to read JSA sort of the pinnacle of the golden age heroes.

Batman/Shadow #1-6 A partnership with Dynamite this series would have been predicted by absolutely no one to come to DCU. The Series also includes a story from Batman Annual #1 so be on the lookout for which story. Now that intra-studio crossovers are fair game you can hope to see Marvel Unlimited and DC Universe posting Amalgam coming never…. Maybe my Iron Lantern dreams will come true some day.

Batman & Robin: Eternal #1-26. The harrowing weekly tale of Batman and Robin on the crime case of their lives. The follow-up to Batman: Eternal a 52 issue weekly series (on DCU) fans should be thrilled to see the saga being here. We are running out of massive weekly DC series to put on DCU!!! Nooooooo! Maybe in 2019 we will get Justice League: Eternal or even Justice League: Ephemeral? A 2 year weekly series while we wait for Doomsday Clock to finally end (I want my trade!!!)


If we get crossovers with other companies how about DC & Star Trek

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Read the Golden Age. It’s an underappreciated masterpiece. Wonderful JSA elseworlds story.

Thanks for posting this Nathan


The Golden Age

Even though this is an elseworld story, because some of the Golden age heroes are still active in the 1950s and because of the plot

Superman does not exist yet,

Captain Comet is the first and only Silver Age hero in this, as part of the end of the Golden age book

Is the end of the Golden age and the start of the Silver Age.

It is an incredible piece of work

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Were new issues of Batman (volume one) added? Bronze Age material specifically. I was looking through the folder late last night and saw some issues that looked new to me. Maybe I just hadn’t noticed them previously.

no. @vroom

Golden Age is a must for any fans of James Robinsons work on Starman.

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Speaking of weekly books, I’d really love to see the Action Comics Weekly run from the late 80s up here.

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I want to echo the sentiment everyone must read Golden Age. It is IMHO one of the best things DC has put out.


@msgtv wasn’t there a Green Lantern/Star Trek movie comic crossover awhile back?


I liked the Star Trek/Legion of Super Hero Tran up.

I bought it at Comixology

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Would love to see more of the gaps in action comics and Superman after rebirth. Love reading more Superman.

Actually think there’s two GL ST cross overs. The local library had one I read a few years ago

Thanks DCU for putting this on trending. Would much perfer the collection post to go there though