Every New Comic 2/26

This is a quiet week but the editions are great!!

Batman: The Cult (1988) #1-4
Blue Beetle #1-5 (rebirth Vol. 1)
Injustice: Ground Zero #1-12
Justice League of America (2006) #1-26
The Legion of Superheroes (1980) #259-309
Martian Manhunter (2015) #1-12
Red Tornado (1985) #1-4

Rebirth Rapid
Blue Beetle - Teen Doctor Fate and Blue Beetle Team up on a quest to figure out this thing called being a hero.

Other Comics
Don-el got his wish as Legion of Superheroes now has 60 issues of content including part of Levitz’s critically acclaimed run.

Injustice: Ground Zero --> another great addition to the injustice franchise


Good work as always

Brad Meltzer’s Justice League. Is very good.

And of course, long live the Legion


I liked how things were broken down by story arc. That was a cool feature. Please bring that back


This was a good selection with some nice variety. The less interesting to me was Batman: The Cult. I mean… wasn’t a bad series and came out during the peak of batman’s late 80’s/early 90’s popularity. But given they have SO MUCH Batman already on here, kind of wish they had included something else. But not doubting Batman comics on here are very popular so sure a lot of others will enjoy it.

More Blue Beetle is never a bad thing, even if only 5 issues it is a complete story arc so no complaints.

Love Meltzer’s Justice League run and that whole series in general so 26 issues… the highlight for me with this weeks updates.

Can’t say they didn’t listen on Legion of Super Heroes.

Although they also added 7 annuals from the 90’s legion series as well. Kind of weird they added them as that is a different run then the regular legion comics. But those are some good annuals and as far as I know (haven’t read all of them) they are all self contained stories so that is a good addition too.

Injustice is great.

And I like Red Tornado is here. Wish there were more of the lesser known series from the mid 80’s and before like that. From what I remember that was a good read also.

Another great addition DCU.

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Nice assortment of books (and thanks as always).

I’m glad Meltzer’s JLA is here. Now people new to The Lightning Saga crossover with Justice Society of America can read the whole thing here.

Mods: The wrong JLA #25 is in the 2006 JLA series. The Silver Age JLA #25 is what is there, but it should be the one released on October 1st, 2008. The correct book features a cover by Ed Benes and has a banner of “The World’s Greatest Super Heroes!” at the top and a notation of “Double sized issue!” in the left corner under the DC logo.

Thanks again :slight_smile:


Legion! Woooo!


@upc are you referring to my old recommended read format or do you like the newer one. Rebirth rapid normally relies on more than one new series from rebirth. I did like the 1 new rebirth and 1 new new 52 thing going on


Long Live the Legion!!!


Boy am I loving Tuesdays!!! Legion ( didn’t realize Steve Ditko had drawn an issue), and
it’s looking like some weekend I’m just going to treat myself to every little piece of Injustice storyline on the on this site!!!


@nathan.payson and mods
The Justice League upload has several issues wih it (including the wrong issue #25 as listed above)
Issue 14 is in the place of Issue 13 and 14 (making issue 13 missing) and issue 8 is in the place of issue 7 and 8 (making issue 8 missing)…

Also the catwoman issue from last weeks no mans land has yet to be resolved (issue 73 loads/reads issue 74 from the 2001- series).

If this shouldn’t be posted here, can you advise where this should be posted or directed to?


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They put me on trending?!? First time and I’ve been doing his for a while


Maybe they fired the person at DCU that was doing it since you are for free!

DVU management also heard you do decent free Mod work on Dischord, to whom it may concern, LoL…

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Upon further inspection, the 2006 JLA upload is a bit wonky in spots. I blame Despero.

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@don-el did they?


@gpf send tech support a message

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I should always preface what I say when it’s a joke as a joke for you my friend… no Nathan I don’t think they fired anybody I think that they usually post their version of what you do about 9 tonight

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Thanks @gpf, I’ll log that intel. In the future I do track this thread for all errors quite closely:

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Batman: the Cult! I certainly didn’t expect to see that on here; last read it when i was around 12 (when it came out and hardly age appropriate). Looking forward to the re-read.


I just giggled like a 10 year old seeing that big a Legion run.

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Everyone seems so excited about it!