Every Moment and Important Teaser of Infinite Frontier #0 and Where the Thread Will Pick Up

There’s a lot here to discuss, so I’m going to say FULL SPOILERS NOW!!! Next post is the stuff.

  1. Wonder Woman refuses to join the Quintessence instead deciding to forge her own path. It’s a bit unclear what that path is but she refused to join the Quintessence (which was probably a good idea in retrospect). She transforms into her costume from Wonder Woman #770, and we will expect to learn more about her future there.
    Next: Wonder Woman #770

  2. Speaking of the Quintessence, they are all dead now. After traveling to Earth Omega, a world they claimed to have contained and stopped, Darkseid who is on Earth Omega kills them. While the details are still incredibly vague, we know that alongside Earth-0, there is Elseworld in the Omniverse, and now an Earth Omega which was black and dark. It seems Darkseid is currently living there and preparing to end the world.
    Next: Infinite Frontier #1

  3. Contrary to discussion, Black Adam is NOT changing his name. Some people just view him of as a shazam-like figure and are calling him shaz-adam. But he’s still black adam. (P.S. Make sure your saying it like Shaz-Adam and not sha-za-dam.) Instead, he’s becoming more heroic and took down Brimstone (from New Age of Heroes)
    Next: Justice League #59

  4. The Joker has given a joker toxin attack which killed many of the inmates of Arkham. It’s likely very few important rogues died of importance because Arkham is a revolving door, but Bane didn’t make it out. He’s dead now.
    Next: Joker #1

  5. Oracle is back and in the watchtower. While Barbara Gordan will put on her suit once in a while, she’s going to be the computer person now.
    Next: Batman #106 (and Batman: Urban Legends #2)

  6. Jace Fox is back in Gotham now as the Fox family now has the Wayne fortune.
    Next: The Next Batman: Second Son

  7. Renee Montoya is working for Mayor Makano who has made being a vigilante illegal.
    Next: Detective Comics #1034

  8. Hippolyta is losing her faith in the gods after her daughter seemingly died. While the Amazons are trying to figure out who should replace Wonder Woman. In the end, Hippolyta decides that she will replace her daughter while Nubia will take over as the Queen of the Amazons.
    Next for Hyppolyta: Justice League #59
    Next for the Amazons: Nubia and the Amazons #1 (No details about when this is coming)

  9. Yara Flor is heading off to Brazil, but she’s secretly being followed.
    Next: Wonder Girl #1

  10. Alan Scott after coming out as gay reveals that he has been asked to go to the frontier and be a sentinel for the totality. It’s unclear quite what he’s refering to (probably the Omniverse).
    Next: Infinite Frontier #1

  11. The Teen Titans are building an Academy that will include Red X who bought the mask right before heading onto the boat.
    Next: Teen Titans Academy #1

  12. Jon Kent has an ominous future ahead of him. The Spectre claims that he will become a tyrant in his future, but Wonder Woman doesn’t belive him.
    Next: Superman #29 and Action Comics #29

  13. Black Canary and Green Arrow are dating again? (I forget if they ever actually broke up) and they got a call from Roy who is somehow alive again.
    Next: Justice League #59

  14. Stargirl is still having adventures with Pat, but now Pat recieved a call. The Seven Soldiers of Victory are back!
    Next: Stargirl: Spring Break #1

  15. The Bat Family has a lot of stuff going on. Most of this was teased through single images. Mostly a “These are the important players moment”. The interesting ones included something with sand (probably Clayface is back) and Red Hood is doing something with bombs.
    Next for Gordon: Joker #1
    Next for Harley Quinn: Harley Quinn #1
    Next for Ghostmaker: Batman #106
    Next for Catwoman: Catwoman #29
    Something with Penguin and the Riddler
    Something with Clayface
    Next for Red Hood: Batman Urban Legends #1

    Whoever this is has something going on
    Something for Clownhunter
    Next for Nightwing: Nightwing #79
    Next for Robin: Batman #106 Back-issue and Robin #1
    Next for Punchline: Joker Back-issue.

  16. The Magistrate is approaching and he’s partnering with Scarecrow to create more public fear.
    Next: Batman #106 and Detective Comics #1034

  17. Keli (Teen Latern) is joining John Stewart and Simon Baz at Oa after the guardians worried she wasn’t ready for a ring. The Guardians are also trying to figure out their role with the United Planets.
    Next: Green Lantern #1

  18. Hal Jordan, Jessica Cruz, and Kyle Raynor (and probably Guy Gardner) are protecting the Crux Worlds whatever that is.
    Next: A second green lantern title?

  19. Barry is passing the torch to Wally once and for all while he prepares to join the Justice Incarnate (the omniversal team) in the Totality. Wally will be the new Flash while Barry leaves Earth? (Poor Iris)
    Next for Wally: The Flash #768
    Next for Barry: Infinite Frontier #1

  20. Diana and the Spectre walk along a series of pictures which mostly have an announced title of some sort with a few exceptions.

Next for Justice League Dark: Justice League #59 back-issue
Next for Swamp Thing: Swamp Thing #1
Next for Lobo and Crush: Lobo and Crush #1 (No date yet)
Next for Peacemaker: Suicide Squad #1
Next for the Totality team: Elseworld (No Date Yet)
Next for the OG Teen Titans: Teen Titans Academy #1
Next for Supergirl: Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow #1
Next for Aquaman: Unknown
Next for Deathstroke: Deathstroke Inc.
Next for Midnighter: Midnighter #1
Next for Booster Gold and Blue Beetle: Unknown
Next for Shazam: Unknown
Next for the Jessica/Hal/Guy/Kyle team: Unknown

And that’s everything!!! What teases are you excited for!!! For the spoiler discussion join over here: Infinite Frontier #0 Spoiler Discussion


Really solid work, Nathan! I liked the issue a lot. It made me excited for the future of the DCU, though I wish there was a “Doctor Manhattan changed the DC Universe” moment like there was in DC Rebirth #1 back in 2016.


You got Darkseid at least.

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We always get Darkseid! :laughing:

Though it’s nice to see him back as a big bad. Not someone who would be used for JL Odyssey, but rather THE bad guy of the DCU.

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I mean they were dating in Rebirth right? But then didn’t their stories just kinda seperate in Rebirth. So what I was trying to get at, is that their relationship has been reaffirmed.

I never knew they dated.
Thought she was with Green Arrow still.

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OH…I meant Green Arrow. LOL!!!


This is why you should have editors…

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You probably just overloaded your brain collecting all the info. lol

Oh, you forgot to mention that Roy finally got rid of the hat.
Probably the 2nd or 3rd most important development in the comic!

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Damn. How do I miss important stuff like a hat?

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:+1:Thank you for this!

So, can I ask the members of this thread to confirm…

a) Heroes and villains and everyone remembers everything that has happened in DC history… pre-Crisis, Blackest Night, Flashpoint…?

b) When we read issues…they may be taking place on any number of Earths in any number of “infinite multiverses”… which includes Elseworld…?

c) Future State is…possibly one of these “other” Earth’s?

d) Doe search Multiverse have its own Quintessence, and the ones we saw die were just one?

e) Bane and Alfred…are their current statues on the same Earth?

I have my doubts. The cover to Joker #1 leans towards ‘not sure who that was, but it wasn’t Bane’

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I had two rather notable thoughts about the newest issue

  1. Elseworld and Earth-Omega
    I am excited about this. I am theorizing about what they are, and I’ve drawn the conclusion that Earth Omega will be like Prime, where it is slightly higher (the real world) and more impactful than others. I think Elseworld’ll be a shifting world of chaos, where it alters with weird timelines.

  2. Sentinel coming out
    I dont have any issue with this. In fact, I love the possibility of them discussing issues such as the hate that LGBTQ+ community has faced in the past, and the suppression they had to muster. I am, however, worried that they might not pull the arc off correctly. I hope they dont fall into tropes. Not saying they will, its just a concern I face.

Just read Joker #1

So there’s Bane. They don’t outright say it yet, but that’s him- the hulking, un-named bodyguard of the woman who puts the hit out on the Joker.

If that’s bane, then that would be WILD.