Event Leviathan #3 Spoiler Chat

I’m on a break from this series, but was it revealed in #3 who Leviathan actually is?

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Nope, though Waller claims to recognize who it might be

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@msgtv Did anything else of note happen in this issue?

We pretty much know it’s not Redhood, he and Lois had a long chat after he fought off all the other detectives. Leviathan confronts Waller, she references the tech he/she is using and that it effects the emotions of those seeing it. Superman show up at the end, so should know ID next issue, I think.

@msgtv Unless that mask is lined with lead…

@Vroom Another thing is Amanda Waller has some sort of secret Leviathan knows about (and knows she wouldn’t want made public). I’m assuming it’s worse than the stuff we already know about Waller.

I think it’s a possibly that Leviathan could be more than one person. Somewhat like Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman and how there were three Batwoman. My top picks are still Kate and Jacob Kane. I also feel that one of the detectives is involved, and Jason is 100% innocent in this.

Saw some speculation that Leviathan is from another universe/timeline because of references to having been on a team with Plas and having an energy that has been seen before.

Leviathan is a red herring. The real villain is the dialogue.

Anyone else liking this series? I think it’s pretty boring. The writing is pretty weak with no substance that’s the best I can describe it in my opinion