Etrigan Comics

Are there any comics of Etrigan the Demon? He has always been one of my favorite heroes.

Here are a few titles starring The Demon aka Etrigan:

-Blood of The Demon (an ongoing series that ran from 2005-2006, featuring the talents of John Byrne and Will Pfeifer)
-The Demon (Jack Kirby’s classic ongoing series from the early 70’s; also the first series to star Etrigan)
-The Demon (the ongoing series from the 90’s, it ran from 1993-1995)
-The Demon: Hell is Earth (a six issue mini-series that began in 2017 and ended last year)
-Demon Knights (an ongoing series from The New 52 era)

Any of those titles are solid reads, especially Kirby’s Demon series and Demon Knights.

Happy Reading =)


They had some (if not all) of the Jack Kirby series on here originally but took it off. They said most of the stuff removed was because of lack of engagement, but hope they will give him another chance, and maybe try adding the 1990 series. That was the one that got me into the character. Such a good series.


I don’t recall ever seeing any of the Kirby Demon stuff on here unless it was during the closed Beta but its all on ComiXology Unlimited. To be honest as much as I love both Kirby and Etrigan its not the best representation of either.

I definitely recommend both Demon Knights and the Hell on Earth miniseries. Most of the really good Demon material is from his guest appearances though most notably Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing where he pops up a couple of times in the course of the first half of the series.

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Sweet! I’ll check those out. Hopefully, they bring them back to the streaming service soon.

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