Essential/Recommended readings between Zero Hour and Identity Crisis, besides Batman/Superman?

I’m reading through DC comic history in chronological order with the Crisis events as an anchor point and now than I’m done with Zero Hour I was wondering what other issues/arcs would be considered vital/classics on the way to Identity Crisis besides Batman/Superman stuff which I’m all gonna read anyway?


Start with Starman by James Robinson and Tony Harris. His first appearance was Zero Hour #1. This is one the best ongoing series of any era, by any publisher. Character-driven stories that introduce the reader to a new Starman, but simultaneously honor what has come before–since the Golden Age!
Beautifully rendered, Jack Knight the reluctant hero takes us on a tour of the mysterious Opal City where danger, intrigue, romance, and adventure all lurk in the encompassing shadows.
This book is a treasure and is without a doubt, the best thing to come out of Zero Hour.