Episode 6 of Watchmen

Just when you think Watchmen couldn’t get any better, they do it again. So what’s your thoughts on tonight’s newest episode and the origins of Hooded Justice after watching it?

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That was a brilliant twist to allow Will to be Hooded Justice. It doesn’t contradict the way HJ has been shown before w/ seemingly white skin around his eyes, and now casts much of the Minutemen’s activities in a different light. Really strong example of how to do retconning right


I can’t lie, this Hooded Justice origin is much better than Alan Moore’s comic version. How that noose originated :hushed:.

Another history lesson dropped by this show. Nazi rally did happened in Madison Square Garden: https://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/americans-hold-nazi-rally-in-madison-square-garden

This is the best new superhero show in my opinion over The Boys and Doom Patrol.


Definitely – this show took a character who in the comics was really not that interesting and made him one of the most compelling.

I loved the way it was presented too – the cinematography and the usage of jazz reminded me a lot of Birdman.

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when they name dropped other vigilantes, they mentioned King Mob. Is this a Watchmen character I’m unaware of, or is this referring to the character of the same name from The Invisibles by Grant Morrison?

Just brilliant. For Lindelof fans who watched The Leftovers, this was the ‘International Assassin’ episode of the show.

The comic assumed that Hooded Justice was the strong man from the circus, the movie confirmed it. I like how the show took it back to the assumption and proved it wrong. I’m sad to find out that this is only 9 episodes instead of 12 or even a full HBO 10.

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Indeed, very brilliant indeed

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I don’t know I think Doom Patrol and Watchmen are neck-and-neck for me

Yeah, I was sad also when it wasn’t at least 10 episodes and only nine! Hopefully get picked up for another season too

Doom Patrol had 15 episodes I believe. Season 1 could have worked with less and at least 2 episodes were filler episodes. Watchmen will have no filler episodes by the looks of it.

Lindeloff has stated previously that he intends for his show to be a standalone series with no followup. So if there is a second season, he might not be running the show. So I guess we can only hope for an epic season finale!

This episode was one of the most amazing and powerful episodes I’ve ever watched. Touching on real issues that pervade our society beyond just racial animosity, such as the white-washing of history. Really, the episode was as powerful because the writers played on the viewers’ as well as comic book fans’ assumptions. This is retconning that also stays very faithful to the source material.