Environment or Choice or Something Else?

Here is what I’m thinking. Pick your favorite or interesting Character Good or Bad.
What do you believe lead to your Character’s development (Environment or Choices or Something Else)?
What make them tick in your opinion can be as short or long as you like. What Character reflects how you might see the world?
Are they the sum of their choices or did the environment in their lives limit them or both? Have fun with it be as wild as you like. :slight_smile:


i propose that Ambush Bug is who he is because Superman punched him in the head.


One of the reasons why I like Grant Morrison’s reboot version of Klarion the Witch boy is for his backstory. Klarion was raised in a cult environment, essentially a community of witch-Puritans. They strictly adhere to segregated roles, their lives are planned out from beginning to end and beyond (they are necromancers), they’re forced to worship a witch-god and can’t violate the elders’ rules or face punishment.
During Klarion’s story arc (The Seven Soldiers of Victory) he questions what he’s been taught, thinks way outside of the box, actively chooses to defy everything he’s ever known, and escapes Limbo Town. When he eventually returns, the townspeople almost burn him at the stake.
Even further, throughout the overarching story Klarion is faced with a lot of different choices and many people who want him to join them or do their bidding. Klarion chooses to be an adventurer and won’t let any of the groups control him.

As an atheist/humanist who was brought up very religious, this character resonates with me so much. I feel like I was pushed into the role that was expected of me, until I decided for myself to go my own way. Personal choice is so important.