enter the lost world of the warlord

Just wondering if The Warlord comic series by Mike Grell will be added to this site. There are 133 issues and 6 special issues.


Only found Warlord in the last couple years. I’m not usually AdWords and sorcery comic, but I really enjoyed what I’ve read, a dozen or two issues towards its latter years. I’d love to see it on DCU.

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Just putting in my vote also to bring the WARLORD series to this sight! It was a really fun series to read back then and I would definitely read it again on this sight!! :+1::+1::+1:

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I only know of Warlord because Grell used him in his Green Arrow series from the 80s.

I sure hope so. I’m very eager to check this series out as I loves me some fantasy.

I like all of the other Warlord titles I’ve read, I just need to read The Original now.