End-of-the-World Cup (DC Villain Draft League)

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Team Points
Crisis Commanders 8
Silent Scream Society 6
Juri’s Jailhouse 6
Seven’s Syndicate 4
HellFreeze 2
United Underworld 2
Legion of Substitute Villains 2
The Reapers 0


Team Points
Girls Night Out 8
The Sinister Six 6
Main Man Mafia 5
Evil Elite 4
The Boom-Boom Gang 3
E.V.I.L. 3
The 8th Circle 2
The Monsters 1


Hey everyone, I will be moving soon (my wife is a travel nurse and we go to different states every couple of months) so I won’t be too active in the coming days. I see that I am tied with FelixLeiter, does this mean we each get a point for Chapter 4?

Also, when are the next statements due, I know we are on a break, which is very helpful right now :slight_smile:

Hope all is well.


Yes it does. And statements are due anytime by September 20th


Just a quick reminder. Doom’s next event is on the 21st and Injustice on the 22nd for CH 5 “Higher Powers”

We’re finalizing the post season events. We will soon share the details for the semifinals. Stay tuned!



Hey folks. Here is the setup for the Semifinals. The top two teams from each conference will compete


DC Universe Online


The intergalactic conqueror Brainiac unleashes a sudden invasion in pursuit of the secret knowledge of the Multiverse–targeting Earth, the central point of each parallel universe, to acquire it.

Catching the planet unaware, Brainiac manages to encase a large majority of Metropolis and Gotham City in energy fields in preparation for digitisation. Unable to stop him, the Justice League and Secret Society turn to the new exobyte-empowered heroes and villains to turn the tide.

Created by Brainiac, the Exobyte is a miniature nanite roughly the size of a flea. Capable of downloading near infinite amounts of data and energy–effectively able to copy metahuman abilities. Traveling from an alternate future, Lex Luthor arrives on present day Earth and releases canisters of exobytes into the civilian populace; causing those infected to inherit metahuman and magical powers.


  • PLOT UPDATE: A combined force of metahuman teams has defeated Brainiac. YAY.

  • Brainiac sought to exploit The Nexus of Reality, a point on Earth where the energies of the Multiverse intersect–in the hopes of gaining understanding and ultimate control of the Multiverse and all of reality.

  • You and your opponent’s team are the only two left. Only they stand between you and ultimate control of the Nexus. Defeat the other team to obtain the secrets of the multiverse for yourself!

  • Harvest exobytes from an eliminated team in your conference to create a brand new character. Pick 3 powers/abilities/characteristics from 3 separate villains on that team to assign them. They will act as a 7th member of your team for this battle.

  • Submit an image of your new character. Draw something original or use an online character creator i.e. bitmoji or similar. https://charactercreator.org is a good resource

Required info:

  • Character name/optional secret identity

  • Basic info (height, weight, hair/eye color, gender, base of operations, etc.)

    • Characters should be of human origin
  • Specify 3 powers/abilities

    • Powers should be as specific as possible. E.g. “speed” abilities only grant speedy movement. Not phasing through objects, nor energy/time manipulation.
    • No Lantern Rings or otherwise technology that grants multiple abilities
  • Give some character stats to better differentiate your villain. Assign 16 “points” across the following traits: Strength, Speed, Stealth, Intelligence, Durability

  • Here is an example of what Superman might look like

    • Strength: 5
    • Speed: 3
    • Stealth: 0
    • Intelligence: 3
    • Durability: 5
  • Batman…

    • Strength: 2
    • Speed: 2
    • Stealth: 5
    • Intelligence: 5
    • Durability: 2
  • The supplied info will be used in a “trading card” that will profile your character. Here is the template we will use with a test character I created using https://charactercreator.org


can i get clarification on scenario 5 for injustice? i don’t understand what im supposed to do based on the scenario


@casasstrophe does this help?


thats whats confusing me

am i fighting perpetua? what does she do?


So Perpetua is just giving your team powers. They’ll be fighting their class enemies.

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In Year of The Villain and Doom War, through Lex, Perpetua gives various villains some kind of powerful weapon or ability.

Do the same for your team. Just think of a cool ability or something to give them the upper hand against on their enemies. It could be anything.

So for me, I could give Multiplex some kind of ability that would make him more formidable against Firestorm. Maybe I could give him the power to become intangible or something.


so i also pick who they’re fighting?



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:star2: :star2: :star2: Badge Alert! :star2: :star2: :star2:

@Detective7 you have won the LOL badge for your excellent riddles! Nice job!

Badge Name Description
LOL LOL Champion of the open mic night! Your jokes and/or riddles got you the most votes during the “War of Jokes and Riddles” event (Doom Conference only)

For future event-based badges we’ll take the winners of each matchup and hold a vote between them. That way there is more fair competition if statements are unopposed.


Oh yeah don’t forget. Both conferences have this badge in play for this Chapter! Sometime over the weekend I’ll start getting your badges on the jersey’s for the hall of fame! Stay tuned.

LevelUp Level Up Most villains thirst for power but few know how to properly wield it. You got the most votes in your conference in the “Higher Powers” chapter. One winner per conference



…AAAaaaand we’re off!


Awesome statements everyone!


Proud of mine this time around. I put a lot of thought into how everyone contributes to Darkseid’s plan. I hope voters will read it!


I was underwhelmed by mine lol!

And I will say, choosing between Crisis Commanders and The Reapers this round was, IMO, the hardest decision yet


I try not to read your statements too much when you send them to me, but I did notice what you had in bold lettering and my interest was piqued!