End-of-the-World Cup (DC Villain Draft League)



The intergalactic conqueror Brainiac unleashes a sudden invasion in pursuit of the secret knowledge of the Multiverse–targeting Earth, the central point of each parallel universe, to acquire it.

Catching the planet unaware, Brainiac manages to encase a large majority of Metropolis and Gotham City in energy fields in preparation for digitisation. Unable to stop him, the Justice League and Secret Society turn to the new exobyte-empowered heroes and villains to turn the tide.

Created by Brainiac, the Exobyte is a miniature nanite roughly the size of a flea. Capable of downloading near infinite amounts of data and energy–effectively able to copy metahuman abilities. Traveling from an alternate future, Lex Luthor arrives on present day Earth and releases canisters of exobytes into the civilian populace; causing those infected to inherit metahuman and magical powers.


  • PLOT UPDATE: A combined force of metahuman teams has already defeated Brainiac. YAY.

  • Brainiac sought to exploit The Nexus of Reality, a point on Earth where the energies of the Multiverse intersect–in the hopes of gaining understanding and ultimate control of the Multiverse and all of reality.

  • You and your opponent’s team are the only two left. Only they stand between you and ultimate control of the Nexus. Defeat the other team to obtain the secrets of the multiverse for yourself!

  • Harvest exobytes from an eliminated team in your conference to create a brand new character. Pick 3 powers/abilities/characteristics from 3 separate villains on that team to assign them. They will act as a 7th member of your team for this battle.

  • Submit an image of your new character. Draw something original or use an online character creator i.e. bitmoji or similar. https://charactercreator.org is a good resource

Required Info

Required info:

  • Character name/optional secret identity

  • Basic info (height, weight, hair/eye color, gender, base of operations, etc.)

    • Characters should be of human origin
  • Specify 3 powers/abilities

    • Powers should be as specific as possible. E.g. “speed” abilities only grant speedy movement. Not phasing through objects, nor energy/time manipulation.
    • No Lantern Rings or otherwise technology that grants multiple abilities
  • Give some character stats to better differentiate your villain. Assign 16 “points” across the following traits: Strength, Speed, Stealth, Intelligence, Durability

  • Here is an example of what Superman might look like

    • Strength: 5
    • Speed: 3
    • Stealth: 0
    • Intelligence: 3
    • Durability: 5
  • Batman…

    • Strength: 2
    • Speed: 2
    • Stealth: 5
    • Intelligence: 5
    • Durability: 2
  • The supplied info will be used in a “trading card” that will profile your character. The specific stats don’t have a direct impact on the match–it’s just give give a better idea of your overall character’s strengths. Here is the template we will use with a test character I created using https://charactercreator.org

Crisis Commanders (HubCityQuestion)

Semifinals Lineup

  • Libra
  • Indigo
  • Mirror Master
  • The Unkillable :star:

Misc. / Bio

Powers (Seven’s Syndicate, @Detective7)

  • Black Adam: Strength
  • Deathstroke: Regeneration
  • Lady Shiva: Martial Arts

Origin/Biography: Sandipta Devi was once an acolyte to the martial arts cult worshipping the deadliest woman on the planet, and who they believed to be the human embodiment of the god of destruction and creation – Lady Shiva. But in a world where Exobytes are mutating millions of new people into metahumans, mere martial arts prowess is no longer enough to claim the title of the embodiment of destruction. To be a god, one must have the power to destroy gods.

It’s for this purpose that Sandipta harvested Exobytes based on her own icon’s unrivaled martial arts capabilities, and added to them the deadly strength and resilience of Black Adam and Deathstroke the Terminator. In a universe not so far away, Deathstroke, Shiva, and Mary Marvel stood together against an Anti-Living Horde as The Unkillables. Armed with the experience of the two deadliest assassins on Earth, and augmented by the power of Shazam, Sandipta Devi would become The Unkillable – the physical embodiment of a force so deadly that no other could bring it low.

Captain's Statement

OPERATION: BYOB (Bring Your Own Brainiac)

Indigo is our MVP here. In Chip Zdarsky’s Justice League: Last Ride, we see that Brainiac is capable of taking the reins on Cyborg Superman. As Brainiac-8, Indigo is free to make puppets of Hank Henshaw and Kilg%re, converting them to the Commanders’ side.

As the heir to Brainiac, Indigo is free to pick up his mission exactly where he left off, using everything he left behind in the nexus to her advantage. While Mirror Master keeps their opponents distracted with illusory mazes, Libra saps their power, and The Unkillable deploys the deadliest fighting skills in the universe, Indigo will be free to claim the prize of ultimate knowledge for herself.


Legion of Substitute Villains (PhoenixTalion)

Semifinals Lineup

  • Cyborg-Superman
  • Kilg%re
  • Starro
  • Rorrim :star:

Misc. / Bio

Powers (Silent Scream Society, @brvciewayne)

  • Parasite: Power Replication
  • Sinestro: Energy Constructs
  • Grodd Telepathy

Height: 5’4”, Weight: 135 lbs, Identity: Secret, Age: 3 (Physically 24), Base: NYC apartment
Personality: Sarcastic/Caustic. Rorrim is literally born from the cruel things the original Jessica Curtis would say to herself in the mirror.

Origin/Biography: Rorrim is not the original Jessica Curtis who was infected with exobytes. Rather, she is the dark reflection that young hero inadvertently created with her darker thoughts and budding powers, who killed her and claimed her life. (While originally a psychic construct, she is biologically human, albeit one with situs inversus totalis – mirrored internal organs.)

Captain's Statement

Without warning, preamble, or witty banter, Kilg%re and Cyborg Superman attack Indigo together. Taking her out before she can exercise her own mechanokinesis on them is crucial, and while Brainiac 8 may be more technologically advanced than either of them, both of them are physically faster.

Starro holds the Unkillable, the strength of Amon against the power of nine galaxies concentrated to an edge. It’s a grinding stalemate, with Devi able to dodge the majority of the Conqueror’s blows and heal what she does not, but unable to inflict meaningful damage in return.

The Legion’s newest recruit, sharp and vicious, starts with Mirror Master. Sam Scudder wants to trap her in a mirror? That’s the very same briar patch where she was born. Rorrim copies the powers of his equipment to move through reflective surfaces as easily as he does, and her hard-light constructs cut him to pieces.

Libra can only absorb half of what is thrown at him, while Rorrim can replicate everything thrown at her (this seems like it should violate something mathematically, but you should all really know better than to think about that sort of thing where supers are involved anyway.) Rorrim lulls him into a sort of superpowered game of tennis, with both of them comfortably fielding each other’s serves of energy — allowing Cyborg-Superman to set up an unexpected strike.

With the rest of the Crisis Commanders eliminated, the other three members of the Legion converge on the Unkillable. While she held out against Starro alone, now she must physically battle Cyborg Superman and Kig%re (who has hincorporated Indigo’s remains into his current mechanical form) as well.

Meanwhile, Rorrim strikes for the point the Unkillable cannot defend with her fists – her mind. Under the distraction of telepathic assault, the superior finesse and skill that had served her so well so far falters, and the Unkillable makes a fatal mistake. Like Despero before her, Starro’s axe separates her head from her shoulders, and Cyborg Superman vaporizes her remains before she can regenerate.

Doom Semifinals
  • Legion of Substitute Villains
  • Crisis Commanders
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Girls Night Out (casasstrophe)

Semifinals Lineup

  • Poison Ivy
  • Fatality
  • Silver Banshee
  • G.I.R.L. :star:

Misc. / Bio

Powers (E.V.I.L, @FelixLeiter)

  • Ultivac : portal creation
  • Inertia : localized chronokinesis
  • Ursa : invulnerability/enhanced immunity

Gabriela Isabel Rivera Lopez hails from Santiago, Chile. Growing up, her family supported her being anyone she wanted to be, and happily accepted her when she came out as transgender. The only thing they ever opposed was her becoming a superhero. She uses her powers as a protector of the queer community in Santiago, standing front and centre during protests and using her invulnerable body to shield others. Her radical advocacy means spending her day in the streets, clashing against anyone who wants to take away the rights of her people. By night, she’s known as “G.I.R.L.”, a vigilante justice fighting against oppression of all kinds. Like all true girlbosses, this girl can’t be stopped.

Captain's Statement

Hi everyone! Gabriela (G.I.R.L) here. Rose broke her ankle so she asked me to fill in for her. She said if I do well I can even join the team! Let’s go!

Doctor destiny is pretty scary because he can spawn things from our nightmares. Whats even scarier than my nightmares is other people knowing what i’m afraid of! The mortifying ordeal of being known. That’s why the first order of business is neutralizing him before he can use his powers. I use my localized chronokinesis (time slows down for everything around me but I stay normal speed) to quickly grab the dreamstone and then promptly whoop his butt. (he’s not an exceptionally good fighter) He’s not the biggest threat but he was the most time sensitive one. 1 down, 3 to go!

Next matchup is Silver Banshee vs Ultraman. If she can keep up with superman, she can keep up with him. One of his weaknesses is reliance on green kryptonite to stay powered up so she doesn’t have to beat him, just match him until he uses up his reserves, then she can truly strike and put him down. I mean like, at least Superman’s got morals and stuff, this guy killed his own mom, he HAS to go. Like yeah most of us have had our parents try and kill us but isn’t that what family is? Nighty night mom killer.

The thing about shapeshifters is that they’re not super effective in small groups with no one else around, especially since they all have superpowers. I mean like, oh there’s poison ivy, prove you’re not a shapeshifter? Okay she’ll just grow some plants. We know who’s here right now. Obviously, whoever this “copier” lady might be, is also offered an invitation to join up with us but she theoretically declines. Now that we’ve covered that we won’t be tricked by the shapeshifting, let’s go over how to beat her. She’s strong and smart? Well so are we! Fatality’s ring can create super powerful constructs that can do anything from restraining to killing…let’s hope we only have to go up to the former.

Talia would be such a fun addition to the team it SUCKS that we have to fight her! Okay scenario 1 is we invite her to join us and she says yes and there we have it…okay fine I’ll also write a fight, gosh. She fights a lot with poisons, right? Well Ivy is pretty resistant to those because of all the plant stuff. And Talia’s not too scary by herself if her criminal empire isn’t there to back her up. Okay fine so she is still very scary, but a bit less. 1-on-1 is a lot more manageable. You got this Ivy! Just don’t let her get close to you! Good thing you got all those plants to keep her away and restrain her so that she doesn’t kill you while we eventually convince her to abandon her team and join ours because well first of all we’ve defeated all of them and second of all we’re super cool. Or we can take he down while she’s restrained but what’s the fun in that?

And we win! Did I do it Rose? Am I allowed on the team? I am? Heck yeah!!!

Oh yeah and now we rule over the universe I guess. Byeeeeeee!


The Sinister Six (DreamingGirlWonder )

Semifinals Lineup

  • Ultraman
  • Talia al Ghul
  • Doctor Destiny
  • The Copier :star:

Misc. / Bio

Powers (The Monsters, @TheRealDetectiveChimp)

  • Clayface: Shape-shifting
  • Mister Mind: Advanced intelligence
  • Eclipso: Strength/Durability

The copier mysteriously appeared one day. Not much is known about where she came from and who she was before

Captain's Statement

The sinister Six versus…. Girls night out! The sinister six have been hired to hunt down another group of villains known as the girls night out. The Six’s newest member is the copier. The copier mysteriously appeared one day and stole the powers from a now deceased group of villains who were known as the monsters. The copier along with Ultra Man, Talia, and Doctor Destiny spy on the other group. A group of four in seen. Three of them are able to be identified as Poison Ivy, Silver banshee, and fatality. But there was one person nobody recognized… it seems that girls night out has found itself a new member as well. The women seem to having fun, the six almost feels bad for what they have to do. The girls sat together and drank while music is blaring. Ultra man shot a laser beam down and made a hole in a wall. He came flying in and was face to face with the members of girls night out. They all looked at him confused for a moment before he spoke to them. “Ladies, I am ultra man of the sinister six! We have been-“ Just then he was cut off by the newest member, G.I.R.L who used her chronokinesis to freeze time on him. The girls leave him there frozen in time and go back to their drinks. The other members of the six were confused when ultra man did not signal for them to come in for backup. They decided to investigate, they go down to where the building is and see ultra man frozen. Talia al Ghul rushes in and tries to attack them with her swords but G.I.R.L uses her powers to create a portal and teleport Talia back outside. Doctor Destiny comes in and tries to attack as well but poison Ivy traps him in a plant. This isn’t going well… The copier comes in next. She looks around the room and sees the other members of the team defeated. She rushes over and grabs G.I.R.L by the neck and throws her to the ground. Other members of the girls night try and attack the copier but Talia comes back inside and cuts Doctor Destiny out of his trap and fight off poison ivy and fatality. The copier punches G.I.R.L in the face and causes her to free Ultra man from his time freeze. Ultra man gets angry and shoots a laser beam around the room. Fatality is hit by the beam and is hurt. Destiny grabs a staff and knocks fatality over the head with it while she’s distracted. G.I.R.L and the copier brutally fight each other, copier uses her shapeshifting skills to make her fist into hammers and bash G.I.R.L.S face but G.I.R.L is strong and isn’t effected. Talia stabs Ivy through the chest and kills her. Silver banshee let’s out a powerful scream and knocks Ultra man to the ground. She screams in his ear causing him a lot of pain. Doctor Destiny tries to attack banshee but is shot back and and is knocked out. Meanwhile G.I.R.L creates portals that her and the copier fall into to and land in a bunch of different locations while still brutally fighting each other. Ultra man is still pinned to the ground while screaming in pain as banshee still screams in his ear. He finally is able to get his strength back and punch a hole into silver banshee. The member of the six recover from their fierce battles and then realize that the copier and G.I.R.L are gone. G.I.R.L keeps making portals as she fights the copier. They both fall into the portals and finally land back in the base. The copier shape shifts her fist into a giant fist and smacks G.I.R.L down. Feeling tired from the battle, Girl tries to get back up and finish the duel but she sees the other members of the six standing around her. She lets outs a scream as everyone attacks her at once

Injustice Semifinals
  • Girls Night Out
  • The Sinister Six
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