I’ve noticed there is a lot of either dislike or apathy for the character of Emiko Queen. She has barely anything in the encyclopedia, and she is never mentioned outside of the new Teen Titans run. She wasn’t at Roy’s funeral, despite basically being his aunt and fellow member of the Arrowfamily. The apathy even went as far as her not getting a Heroes in Crisis panel, although other lesser known characters got them. I wanted to discuss if anyone else likes her as a character, and whether anyone else feels she should be in, or at least mentioned in, other comics.

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I like Emiko quite a bit, but for me she works best when she’s butting heads with Ollie so I’m not sure her inclusion in Heroes In Crisis and/or at Roy’s funeral would have been the best showcase for her. I’m interested to see if/when a new Green Arrow title happens what role she’ll play in it.

Sure, I like Emiko. She’s entertaining.

Her and other characters not having an entry in the encyclopedia isn’t a sign of dis-respect or lack of interest. Building up the encyclopedia is an ongoing effort that takes time. I’m sure she’ll get an entry at some point.

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