SyFy’s Krypton was the first ever live-action Elseworlds TV show, would you want more mediums to go this route, or do you prefer the more canon versions of comic TV shows and movies?

Justice League Gods and Monsters.

Evil JLA?

They are conflicted on whether they should just conquer the world as benevolent dictators or not.

Was it, though? Considering it didn’t have that official classification, I feel like you can say this about most DC shows considering they exist in their own universes. Obviously there are spinoffs, sequel shows, etc., but it’s not like every DC show had existed in the same universe prior to Krypton. I’m curious as to why you consider Krypton to be the first like that


Yes, this was confirmed by the cast and crew. Cameron Cuffe had talked all of Season 1 about how the show wasn’t what we thought it was, a prequel, and then the Zod reveal happened. Then in a convention he announced it’s because the show is an Elseworlds.

Still dark, was it a good movie?

It is very love it or hate it. I adored it, and Dad got depressed and left.

Ah, that kind of movie. I think I would be on your dad’s side. But I’m glad you loved it.