Elseworlds Part 1 Thoughts

What did you think about Elseworlds


I generally enjoyed it.

  • I loved the interactions between Grant and Stephen.
  • I hope we see more of Tyler Hoechlin/Bitsie Tulloch as Lois Lane in future Supergirl episodes.
  • Loved the call back to Smallville playing their theme song “Save Me” when going to Earth 38.
  • Loved the fight against Amazo.
  • Being the Batman fan I am. I got excited seeing Gotham City.

Can’t wait for Part 2 later tonight and Part 3 tomorrow.


I LOVED it! Can’t wait for part 2.


That was AWESOME! I just watched it on the cw app, and it was a lot of fun. If the first part is this big, i can only imagine how huge the second and third parts will be. I love when they do the crossovers, I’m just bummed Legends isn’t in on it.


Loved it, amazing how they used the Smallville theme and included A.M.A.Z.O!
I especially loved it how when AMAZO copied the three’s powers, it showed all their symbols merged together. Like it usually does in the crossovers.


Everything was just fun and so good. Even better than I was expecting


I concur with the above.

I especially enjoyed hearing Save Me again. It’s so neat to finally see the Monitor in live action. Tyler Hoechlin was great as usual and Karl was…=)


Kara was…=)

It was awesome

But who was the bad guy in it what’s his name

Bad guys from ep 1:
John Deegan - Doctor Destiny
The Monitor
Also I think some thugs from the Bertinelli crime family if memory serves me right

I feel like if they’re leading up to Crisis on Infinite Earths, that’s where Barry will disappear from the Flash storyline. Anyone agree or disagree?