ELSEWORLDS: Missed Opportunities, Unmade Projects, Choices that you'd change (SNYDER CUT EXCLUDED)

An editor I know was so bothered by the end of JOKER that he recut the movie to remove, what he felt was heavy handed Supervillain origin details, and instead focuses on an anti-capitalist character piece. I liked it a lot and it got me thinking about some missed opportunities. What are yours? I’d like to place the rule that if you say SNYDER CUT, you have to say something else. That way this thing isn’t just SC

1:BANE in Dark Knight Rises: I liked the movie ok but I HATE that it betrays the original premise. Class revolution led by Bane is far more interesting than the twist they present

  1. GEORGE MILLER JUSTICE LEAGUE: Who didn’t watch Mad Max Fury Road and feel a pang of sadness that George Miller didn’t get to Make Justice League

3: GREEN LANTERN with John Stewart and Practical effects: I remember when GL came out all my non-comic reading friends kept asking me “Isn’t Green Lantern black?”

4: Don’t send Suicide Squad to Trailer House: Why Tsujihara panicked and meddled with Suicide Squad, I’ll never know. I am the rare bird who likes the final product but it is hard to wonder if it could have been better.

5: Speaking of Kevin Tsujihara: If anyone else headed up WB could we have a much better DCEU at this point? YES, the answer is yes


I’d say my biggest disappointment of recent memory would be the Hush movie. I’m usually a big fan of the DC animated movies and I don’t mind changes from the source material but this one just doesn’t work. If they would have been as faithful as the Dark Knight Returns or Batman Year One it could have been among the best.
@LooseNate That Joker cut sounds interesting, I’d like to see that.


Off the top of my head:

Ayer’s original cut (like you already kind of mentioned)
Tim Burton’s Superman Lives
Ben Affleck’s The Batman
Guillermo del Toro’s Justice League Dark

Yeah… Batman: Hush was a serious letdown. Reign of the Supermen was also very weak among the DCAMU movies but it never really had potential to be one of the best whereas Hush could have been among the best given the source material.

Edit: Dear God. I just watched Wonder Woman: Bloodlines and it’s by far the worst DCAMU movie. Makes the other two titles I was disappointed by look good. Wow DCAMU was going real bad at the end huh. I was just marathoning for Apokolips War… it was really good but the last 3 movies were a significant drop in quality and kept getting worse. Hope it ends strong at least.

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Every Superman film where Brainiac was going to be the villain. Richard Donner planned to use him in Superman III if he hadn’t been fired, and supposedly he was in the scripts for both Superman Lives and Superman Returns at some point.

Personally, when I watch Superman III now (which isn’t often) I just pretend the supercomputer is actually Brainiac – and I blame all of the goofy hijinks in the opening sequence on an unseen Mr. Mxyzptlk.