Elseworlds (Arrowverse Crossover)

I’m so excited for the Elseworlds crossover, and everything we’ve been hearing about it sounds incredible! It feels like it might be a precursor to a later Crisis storyline, with The Monitor being introduced and rumors of Pariah or Psycho Pirate out there, too.

One of my big questions is about Arrow’s Lyla: with access to so much info via Argus, could she be fated to become Harbinger, sharing data with The Monitor (similar to her early role in the comics)?

And of course, I can’t wait for Batwoman to appear!

What are you all excited about for the crossover?


I’m excited because Stephen Amell posted on his twitter with John Wesley Shipp in his original Flash costume from the 90s! I wonder if there is an alternate Earth that is part of that show. And Barry and Oliver switch costumes!


I’m curious about Batwoman, so I’m looking forward to seeing her.


I’m looking forward to everything about it but psycho pirate would be so nice to see in live action. Also excited to see Batwoman and to see what having Norah Fries on could lead to.

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I remember an earlier episode of the Flash where Barry was running through the speed force and images from alternate earths appeared including the 1990s Flash. Casting on these shows has been fun with the brothers from Prison Break playing Captain Cold and Heat Wave. Also having Mark Hamill play the original Trickster and his partner Prank appeared played by same actress. Also Amanda Pays played a character with same name as in original series. She was 1990s Flash love interest. She now runs Mercury labs


This crossover is gonna be insane. They’re introducing so many different parts of the DC Universe. They could do just about anything, though, and I’d be excited just for the characters to reunite. It’s like when you haven’t seen family since last Christmas, they get to catch up and hang out again. I imagine it’s like that for the actors too.


I’m so excited my hopes of psycho pirate finally being in a live action have been fulfilled. I really believe this crossover is going to be stellar, and I’m not just saying that to convince myself, I think it’s gonna be nice.