I think that the world of Arrow, Flash, and Supergirl should merge into one universe. A sort of Flashpoint 2 where it’s reset to the point that the main characters, except say Barry don’t remember a universe where “Earth 1” and “Earth 38” were ever separate Earths. They’ve always known about the existence of each other and their past exploits and crossovers are still canon, minus the universe hopping.



I Agree. 100 percent,

Might be exactly what they’re going for, what with the Crisis word being bandied about and all. :slight_smile:

Psycho Pirate can disturb their universe worse than Monitor. Excited to see what develops, great cliffhanger.

Best annual crossover yet. The writing is leaps and bounds better as was the acting. Well done!!! And the FX weren’t that wanky as they have been in the past.

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They should do some sort of a flashpoint 2.0 where Green Arrow, Flash, Supergirl are fighting the main villains on the same earth, who at the end of seasons team up, like a mini legion of doom for a last week cross over

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Yes. That would be good. With Batgirl in there too.


Are they putting the arrow verse on this channel?


Over all i felt this crossover was weaker than Crisis on Earth X. Granted it served as a prelude to the crossover for next year. I still enjoyed it immensely. I was just left hoping for more.

I thought it was the best crossover they’ve done I loved that they had Batwoman but I would have loved for her to have more air time as Batwoman and just Kate Kane